Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boys Night Out

 The month of June has been a cray yet fun and unexpected month for me! The both last 2 weeks of it: Well spent! As promised, here are the photos from last week's night out with the Boys of Magic 89.9. If you're familiar with them, then you're cool! They've been touring around places/cities in the Philippines and fortunately we've been so lucky to be part of their SmartBNOxDavao visit! Since I am a Smart user, and that party was courtesy of Smart, I was then had a free entrance ticket and a meet and greet pass with the DJ's of Magic! Lucky? Super! And that doesn't end there, my friends and I met them all and had an opportunity to chit-chat with them and make friends with 'em! Thanks to Smart, Live More for the letting me in FREE! A party went well by Magic 89.1 Davao and everyone was having F-U-N! Ecstatic! Take a peek of what went cray last week's Friday night.

Then I met Sam YG, Slick Rick and Toni Tony plus a DJ in Magic Davao, DJ Mau whom to be to humble and kind the whole night to us! Thanks for letting me use your 3G!
I'm with DJ Mau! 
These dudes were the bomb! 
Yeah, I was caught in front for a contest! $$$
I forgot what was the form we signed up for but it's from Smart and we take home freebies then! 
There you go... Smart, Live More!
SmartBNOxDavao + Magic 89.9 + Magic 89.1 Davao and these people made our night mad and unforgettable! I couldn't say anything else but we had a great night with them and we're looking forward to meet them again! Cray cray! We also had fun last night and I am gonna blog that maybe by tomorrow! :) Hope you had a crazy weekend with your friends and family, but in my case, it's both! I've sooo much homework to do but I cannot forget to blog on happenings! Kisses to you all :*
Some photos by Gabriel de Cadiz 


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