Saturday, June 8, 2013

Socially Attached

What is APP? I have been on these new stuff called KEEK and VINE lately which are both on a Video app thing. I signed up to know how and fortunately, I am loving it! It seems so cool and since photos are so overrated, why not try Vlogging in just seconds! Well, if you're not that camera shy type person like me (hahaha) then you must have this on your phone! I don't know, but I am poor on followers when it comes to these and I would love you to follow me on: 
Subscribe and follow me to see more of "ME-ME" and useless videos!

The second one is VINE
As far as I know, you can only download it via App Store and Google Play
but if you don't have both, you can still see my works on Twitter!
See it for your self :)
If you have one, follow me and search for my name: Eishelle Cellona or +Eishelle Cellona 

I am blogging before the class starts! Spending my weekend in my own little way. I can not believe that it's back to school season already, do you? *Sigh* Well anyway, leaving you with my latest post on Vine made by yours truly!

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