Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello June

Would you ever forgive me if I haven't been blogging lately?! Haaaa! It's been a crazy busy so far and Davao's weather isn't doing great! And I can't bring my SLR anywhere I go because I think that it's very hassle. So I'm gonna blog about the most ever random shots via my iPhone and what I have been posting on my Instagram. Peace out! I promise you all to give a lot of blog post soon. And since it's back to school season already, expect more of people (old and new) to see here on my blog for upcoming days! But this time, I want y'all to enjoy these photos I can share with you. 

Made of cloth HUGE Dream Catcher of Just G clothing! Ah! I just have to take a photo of it since I'm a DC-lover and I really want to buy that! Xx 
My favorite shots of selfies....
and this....
and these!! :) (Magsawa kayo sa mukha ko! Hahaha)
Just my luck, Kimmy (my good friend) and I has the same phone! Same color and network too! 
And I've been wanting his Aztec print case so bad! 
Since it's a back to school season already and most of you has class, here are some cute yet very "pinoy" and college-y notebooks from National Bookstore! Love every prints and saying on it, I will surely and definitely buy it!
Bonded with my good friends at Chicken Charlie. Good food, very affordable and comfy place they have! It's located in Gaisano Mall, The Peak.
I am so happy Miley Cyrus, my ever favorite released her new single called 
"We Can't Stop" and I've been listening to it since last night!
I bet you would love it too!

One of my most fave singers, Selena Gomez! She's very very very pretty on her new single Come & Get It! Can't get over to the electro-pop genre of this song! 
I also love-love the music video! 
And today, I just listened to her very latest album
"Stars Dance"
Though the video isn't out yet, I am sure it's gonna be the bomb! Listen to her new song called Slow Dance.

There you have it! My latest stuffs I've been doing and songs I'm into for now! Just came by to also say Hi to all of you! Yep, I miss you and my blog. But don't worry, I have been checking my blog time to time because I just can't live without it so I decided to download an App so whenever and wherever I go, I am still up to date! Or maybe I should try blogging using the app. Hmm, I should try it some time! 
I hope you're having a blast time, for those who doesn't have classes yet like me! Well, I only got few more days before the class finally opens! And I am making the most out of it. You should too! It's never too late to get out and have fun, feel the last days of summer! 

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