Sunday, June 16, 2013

Neon Splash

It has been so long since the last time I blogged something! I miss you too much and I can't believe it's been a week since the first day of class started. It's insane how fast time flies, you can't imagine it these days. And since I owe you all gazillions of blog posts from the past days, I finally had a chance to play again with my camera with the help of my friends and of course the idea of being outside the house. Yesterday, my friend and I was supposed to buy books in the school but unfortunately, it closed about an hour after we arrived. Good thing I bought my camera with me despite of the heavy and long lens 'cause I know it's all worth the capture! It has been also a very gloomy afternoon and the fact that it rained couple of hours then. Weather here is really unpredictable, and the most important thing to consider is bringing umbrella and always secure your stuff! So much for that, today, I'm gonna share to you what we've been up with my friends and let the photos do the talkin'!

Y'all know I hate first and foremost, wearing jeans. But I had no choice
since I can't go inside the school wearing shorts. And by this time, my friend and I
headed to our close friend's boarding house since it's just 2 blocks away from the school.
Howdy! My casing matched with the top I'm wearing. And I just instantly fell in love with neon! Get your iPhone 5 casings in Digibabe located at SM City Davao, Annex.
Forgive me for looking so haggard and definitely I'm changing hairstyle as soon as possible!
OMG DINA G! Inspired post ;)
Sheer neon half-sleeve top and Jeans both Forever 21
iPhone 5 casing: Digibabe Davao
Shoes: Parisian
Overlapping the colors can be stylish somehow! 
Meet my friends Len (center) and Iman right)
Matching pose with Len! Accidentally, I guess :)
Since it's a back to school season, and by holding these two coin bank from Sterling makes sense. We all want to save money for a lot of purposes, right? Even I saves money. It ain't that easy for a lot of us for the reason of temptations. Like food, stuff and such. But nowadays, we all have to be wise on what's important and what's not. Always think when purchasing something "When am I needing this?" or "Do I really need this?". Come to think of an idea of being thrifty in a good way because it has always the positive and negative sides of being thrift. Don't be to harsh on saving. What am saying is, you always have the right to enjoy and indulge your self from stuff that can make you happy. Like rewarding yourself a shopping spree after a 2-day examinations or a trip on a weekends/term break. You can never go wrong with that! Priorities first before leisure because it can wait. :) I hope this post has helped you on something! I wish I can update every single day or every two days. If only I am not that jam-packed with 29 units, so soooo exhausting! And I am already praying that I'm gonna survive second year! Hahaha! Alright, leaving you this for now. Enjoy the rest of the week and don't forget to study your lessons and do your homework! ;) Kisses :*


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