Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surf Party in Dahican

When the Sun has finally set, everyone's preparing
for the party, even us! We went home to have dinner,
and clean ourselves. 
So before you can go in, you have to buy a ticket.
For Girls, the ticket costs for only 150 pesos and 
for the Boys, 200 pesos. 
Both with Free 2 Drinks and 1 Hour Free Surf Lesson
in Amihan sa Dahican just beside Dahican Surf Resort 
Dahican was full packed of people from Morning to Dawn!
The crowd is somewhat insane, but fun! There are a lot of
surfers and travelers all over Mati City. 
It was a crazy party after all. Enjoy some of the photos!
I really wanna post everything in here but sadly, some pictures
are prohibited. Hahaha! Here's a couple of
night shots.

Before we leave the house, we had a mini 
photo shoot with the girls.
We were too early for the party so we decided
to go to Amihan sa Dahican where group
of surfers stayed and to see Ate Neesha's friend.
Saw some friends (actually they're Ate's)
in the party. All of the shots with them were 
blurred. Ugh, sucks. This is the one and
only picture that can be seen a bit clearly.
Kuya Enzo Rabat and Nica Rabat
Fire Dancing
Nica and I had a quick shoot with 
the fire dancer. It's quite hot! 
Had a quick picture taking with THE 
Lucky to see her in the party.
It was quite an experience and we love it!
Nica, Ate Neesha and I
I think these are all the pictures I can
post publicly. Peace out!

WE actually started the a-bit-wild-party. I mean, people are so shy to dance in the center so WE started it! Grabbed some teens and dance! It was FUN because some of the people also went to the center. The second day stay in Mati is so much a blast! We end our day by going home almost 2 in the morning and uh-howwww something else that Ate Neesha will forever remember. It was really a PARTY! It was epic. Stay tuned for more :) 


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