Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mr & Ms Icons 2012

The Mr and Ms Icons 2012
It was 16th of November, the last day of our Intramural. Everyone was so excited to start the event which was held in our school's very own RSM Events Center. There were 6 pairs from different levels and departments. The contestants looks so gorgeous and handsome with their attires on that night and they seems so ready and prepared for their answers for the Q&A portion. And of course, their walk and pose! 
Now if you're wondering why I have shots like that (seems very close). Well, I have access to the restricted area which only selected people can go up since I am one of the Photographer/Documentarist for the said event and a massive thanks to Smart for feeding me though it was freezing up there. 

And as promise to you, here are some selected photos I can publish.
(But there are actually thousands of photos I took)

The event was opened with a dance number with the contestants
in their Smart, Live More shirts and artistic hand made jeans.

The host for the event. Both from Tourism Department

Crowned as the Ms. Icon for 2011

Klyde Von Angeles: Mr Icon 2011

The 2011 Mr and Ms Icons

The contestants were first to compete and walk with 
their best Official School Uniform.

I know! We have one of the best school uniforms in town! :)

So before to proceed for the next walk. An intermission 
number from a group of fantastic and nerve breaking dancers!
And I'm telling you, they are awesome.

For their second walk, they have to showcase their best
sports attire! 

Mr and Ms Best in Talent brought to you by Smart

Mr and Ms Popular brought to you by Smart

Mr and Ms Congeniality brought to you by Smart

After the minor awards for the contestants, it was time to
show their Filipiniana Attires which really symbolizes as a 
Filipino and they all look good on their attires.  

The 6 pairs on their Filipiniana Attires

Mr and Ms Texter's Choice brought to you by Smart

Mr and Ms Retro Attire brought to you by Smart
The Retro was on the second night of the Intramural.

Mr and Ms Best in School Attire brought to you by Smart

Mr and Ms Best in Sports Attire brought to you by Smart

And the Top 3 finalists for the Q & A Portion

After the Q & A Portion, the Mr and Ms Icons 2011 had their
final walk and thank everyone for their undying love and support.

Mr and Ms Icons 2012
Orhan Fernandes
(BA Department) 
Loth Lorien Hilbich Rosil
(Tourism Department)
And that night was their lucky night! They were crowned
as the 2012 Mr and Ms Icons. Congratulations to both of them! 
Brought to you by Smart, Live More

At the end of the day, and after the 4 day event. It was all a success! 
I am honored to be part of such event and hoping to be working again
soon at the same position since I am now part of the Equinox Team,
which is the school paper. And I am really happy to know that a lot
of people compliments my photos. Thank you so much for believing in me
ever since I was in High school. I will do whatever I can to make you 
all satisfied. 
'Til the next event! Kudos ;)

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