Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's never Wasted

Something we did today:
Even in our busiest days, we never fail to have fun and I know,
that what friends do, right? (Who doesn't?) 
Well anyway, today we had so much fun. I think Wednesdays are
fun though we got one subject for this day but unfortunately, we have
to meet it twice. Still, we don't have a reason to spoil our day so why
not photobomb? ;) (Magsawa kayo sa mukha naming magaganda!)
Before anything else, since our teacher is so considerate he dismissed 
us early which we're really thankful of! Haha, every students' dream.
Thing is, I really... I mean WE really like Len's (the girl beside me)
 phone camera that's why we had so much photos saved on it! 

My circle of friends really make me feel so special whenever I'm around
them. They are like the ones who completes my day and I feel so down
when I'm not with them. I'm way waaaaaaay thankful I have them! 

Enjoy our pictures! 
Oh and by the way, I have to collage some of it 'coz
it's way too many! :) 

I love you friends! I know we're so inseparable. Memories, let's make
millions of them! Hugs and Kisses to you! 


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