Thursday, November 22, 2012


It was a gloomy afternoon when we headed to Jack's Ridge right after
our last subject on that day. We really don't have enough time to fool around
so as soon as possible, we could have a Video Shoot for our school project.

Unfortunately, we consumed half of the time finding out how Nikon works.
And as you all know, I have no single idea on what to click on the parts of Nikon
so I started calling my friends who has DSLRs but same as I do, they don't 
also know how and where to click. So we explored every details just to 
start for our Video Shoot and finally, it worked and found it!
But before that, we had a photo shoot in addition to our project too.
Let me show you some :)  
This one is actually my favorite. As you can see,
I made it a picture for my About Me on the
right side of my Blog.
At that night, there's this Peacock strolling around the site and
as it looks, enjoying the view. 
I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends because I can be crazy with them and so are they to me. Whenever there's a "Choose your Group" activities in school, it's always us who will be accompanying each other. It's really comfortable to work with the people you know for quite some time and the ideas you create will really match. No matter how hard the situation is, you can still find out a better solution to whatever. This is why I am very lucky to have friends like them. There's so much more that we haven't discovered yet but I know, time will come we will be inseparable. 
P.S. Keep checking out my Blog whether there's a new post or none. I will have a Giveaway Contest if I will reach 5k Views, SOON. Keep Updated! 


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