Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happiness in a Click

Now here is something to blog about. 
It was in the second week of November when I saw this on Canon site.
I suddenly rush in to my photos and check them one by one. Well, I mean
the good ones and something that has sense. I've been a Canon user since,
and for me it is really the number one brand when it comes to Camera's.
But this one is different, they are giving away a Canon IXUS and since
I don't have one yet, I decided to join What's your Canon Story?
Fortunately, when I check just today the Gallery below I am amazed that
my photos are featured. Who wouldn't be happy? I am really hoping I will
be taking home the prize! ;)

If you wanna see the 3 Photos I submit, go to http://www.canon.com.ph/15years/
Click the Gallery from the right side (Center) and find the entitled Gal 
Happiness in a Click
If you wanna enlarge it, just click the photo one by one.

Help me win an IXUS
Canon, Delighting You Always

P.S. If you wanna join What's your Canon Story, see the full Mechanics below. Make sure to read it and after which, fill up the registration and you can post up to 3 photos. Enjoy and Good Luck! 


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