Sunday, November 25, 2012

Great Captured

So basically I've been scrolling again my folders from my external 
and find out a lot of saved old photos from it! There were a lot from it. 
It's like reminiscing good memories from the past. Seeing those 
pictures below are so meaningful to me. Each photos has a story 
and let me just tell you that it's a really great thing finding out memoirs.
Photos are like presents to me. A cherished one. Photography is 
a form of Art. It not just an ordinary art, but a way of expressing your
emotions through it. It's not just about clicking the shutter button, 
adjusting the lens' capacity or even selecting the best ISO. 
It's the subject that is a real satisfaction. There are so many ideas
in the world which is a really helpful one. But the most important thing
is to know how to Explore. Don't be afraid to try something new
and go places you're unfamiliar with. Go out and seize the day! 

Now here is something from Canon Image Nation.

There are so much more to do in this World. Go out and explore 
while it lasts! :) 


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