Saturday, November 17, 2012

Intramural 2012

2nd Week of November, the start of our 3 Days Intramural 2012. Apparently, it was quite boring knowing we don't have sports to play to but there were Fun Games for everyone and Pinoy Games too! But we are always there to support our team and players. Of course, it started with an opening. November 13th by the afternoon, we were all gathered in RSM Events Center for the Mass. YES! Evening opening indeed. 
Extraordinary right? Only in Philippine Women's College of Davao.
The opening is really really awesome.
With the Theme:

Then here is a Fine Arts Student doing fire dance.

Isn't this cool? IKR! 

If you're sort of wondering why there are only 3 banners,
it's because PWC is a Trimestrial school.

 And the competition begins!
On that night, there's a Bench Cheering. First up,
The Second Year!

Fresh Blossoms

And of course, a Cheer Dance Competition in each year level.

2nd Day
We had a Motorcade, though it rained but it did not stop
because of that! Enjoyed it too.

Richard Martinez, SSC President

One of the sponsors: Smart, Live More! 

It has been quite a while since I blog about something. I was way too busy
for school and other stuff and now I am back. HAPPY to be back! And I/We
are so tired after the 3 day event. It was also fulfilling to be part of a big event
like the Mr and Ms Icons (which I will upload the photos some other time or you
may visit my Facebook if you wanna see it!) I am one of the photographers 
for the school paper (Equinox) and happy to have an access anywhere though it was for a night but still! :) I got every pain in my body and I really wanna sleep the whole day.
But anyway, enough with the preaching. To make the story short
I enjoyed the Intramurals but I hope next year will be better. 

Stay tuned for the Mr. & Ms. Icons 2012 Photos

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