Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mom, I love you

Today is the last day for the month of April. Let me just take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my mom (well both of them though). But since the celebration for Mother's Day will be more days before, I will just post this then. So my mom had her month vacation back here in Philippines. I just can't believe that she has to leave so soon, which was yesterday! I actually don't feel bad (okay, a bit) but not really since I had a month with her. Spent so much with her! I just miss my mom that much, even one month isn't enough! I've never been so happy having her here, I can share gazillions of thoughts I've been thinking and then there's mom, always ready to listen and advice such things. I mean, to anything I guess! She's the best ever. I couldn't ask for more or so! Last night, she has to say good bye to the Philippines and head back to Africa, since her job is there. Last nigh (my dad, cousin and I) accompanied her to the airport. Her stay in this country was really not enough but at least, I know she enjoyed it. Love you mum, you're the best-est person I've ever known! Enjoy the photos! :-)

TADA! I want you to meet my parents. That's my mom in the center, and obviously my dad in the right side. 
Magkamukha ba? :-) 
How about my Dad's face? Hahaha!! I know, creeps! Meet my parents, readers. :-)
As you can see, I'm taller than my mom (or my dad) I can't do anything about it anymore! LOL!
So, as what I've been talking earlier. I'm gonna grab this day to greet my Mommy, Happy Mother's Day. Though the celebration of Mother's Day will be on May 12. But since she's not in the Philippines anymore. I couldn't get any chance to have a photo taken with her on the exact day. And maybe this is a good blog post to end April. Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all mom's out there reading my blog! :-) So this is it for now! I hope you had an amazing April as much as I do. Minutes from now, it's gonna be another month. So enjoy it! Kisses :*

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