Thursday, March 6, 2014

Out & In Cebu

The best thing in traveling is that you'll never expect what you're going to see. Honestly speaking, I never knew what the place looked like. As much as I'm concern, it's a 2-hour drive from the city proper. I din't have time to Google the place and see the photos. I asked my mom about it and she said it's a beautiful place. I wasn't disappointed of what I saw. But before that, on our second day in Cebu, which is still a tour-day, we went outside the city. Going to Simala will take you 2 hours from the city. You're going to pass by several cities like Naga, Carcar, Minglanilia (if I spelled it right). The place is very famous and a must visit too! The structure of the building is beyond gorgeous! As what I have said earlier, I never expected what I saw. Thousands of miracles happened to people when they solemnly prayed for their success. When you reach the inside of the building, you can see letters, pictures, stuff in every walls and corners of the place. It's beautiful and I had goosebumps when I saw it. The place is jam-packed with people, especially when it's Sunday. By the way, we went there on a Sunday. If you just believe, your wishes and prayers will come true.

We all woke up really early to prepare for our whole day tour in and outside the city! It was 6-ish when we went to the 8th floor of Hotel Asia (where we stayed for 18 days straight!) to have our breakfast. By the way, the view and the sunrise was awesome! It's a good way to start for a long day.
When you go to Simala, you have to be aware of the dress you're going to wear:
NO SLEEVELESS (or if, bring a cover up)
Sad to say, it's their rules and it's a really solemn place too! 
So, on the morning, we depart the hotel at 8 in the morning. Traveled to Simala for to hours and what we did inside the bus was to sleep. Thank goodness for comfortable bus like what we rode during the 3-day tour! 
Weew, that was a very long address! 
To see is to believe! TADA! I told you it's beautiful. I was soooo amazed with the structure. I never expected what I was going to see. It's like, you're not in Cebu anymore. Wait... there's more! 
On Sundays, people go here to attend a mass, offer candles and their petitions, buy rosaries, or simply tour the place. In our case, since we don't know the schedule of their mass, we toured the whole Monastery. It was beautiful. I'm out of words, it's absolutely one of a kind here in the Philippines! It was first time to go to a place so amazing as in Simala. No wonder it's "A must visit" when you're in the Visayas region. Add this on your travel/bucket list if possible. I promise, you'll never regret going to this place.
God bless to these people! Going up to the monastery, you have to bear with the steep stairs. It's slippery too so don't even bother to wear high-heels! There's no need to that. And it's hot sunny day, so bring an umbrella if possible, wear your shady shades too! If you can see on the photo above, thousands of people are lining up to get through the tip, I have no idea why, but I think there's something that they want to see. We didn't bother to line up since we have an hour in the place! Plus, it's a really long line from the gate to up! 
Station of the Cross
I spent 20 in this wishing well. If you can see, there a tiny hole on the right side. You have to throw your coins and get through the hole then make a wish! Unfortunately, my luck wasn't that strong enough to make it to the hole.
Ave Maria! 
Sad to say, we have to leave the place to follow the itinerary. Left Simala at around 11AM and headed to Carcar. It's famous for its cheap shoes! 
One huge shoe! Carcar City, Cebu
After we had lunch, we went back to the city. It was a sizzling hot afternoon in Cebu. We attended the mass at around 3pm in Metropolitan Cathedral. There was a wedding going on when we arrived. It was amazing! The cathedral was beautiful too. Despite of the 7.2 magnitude quake that hit almost in every corner of the Visayas Region, the churches in Cebu stood still and they are trying to fix the heritage sites.
Basilica Del Santo Nino Cathedral
Magellan's Cross
If you're in Cebu, drop by at their biggest Islands Souvenirs shop just near Magellan's Cross. The shop is located in front of BPI
If I'm not mistaken, this is the biggest Islands Souvenirs shop in Cebu! And check out the kid on the right side. LOL! 
I'm with Camille Co... giant standee! Sigh! 
OMG! It's Kryz Uy... giant standee. Sigh too! 
Two of my favorite bloggers are the ambassadors of Islands Souvenirs: Cut & Style every Sinulog. 

You know you're in Cebu when...
even their Toblerone's has Cebu on the print and the one "O" is symbolizes as the star in Philippine Flag. Just that awesome! 
Monument of Heritage Cebu | In silhouettes 
155 Mabini St. ParianCebu City
This Chinese Ancestral house is older than you! It's the oldest Chinese House in the Philippines and outside China. Can you imagine that there are people who still lives here during weekends. It's creepy! 
When you go to the second floor of the house, you have to be on bare feet! ALL the stuff inside are antiques! And you have to be extra careful on walking since it's made up of wood! 
Guess what's this!
It's a refrigerator made up of REAL wood! I opened it, and it stinks. I din't bother taking a photo of the inside. LOL! 
What amazes me the most was the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist in Simala. It's beyond beautiful! I wrote down all my wishes there and prayed that it'll come true. I also bought rosaries and took a lot of photos. Those were just half of it! Thing is, I am so excited to post this blog since I want you all to see what I saw. I want you to plan of going there someday. The second day tour was my favorite. Aside from my love for my outfit, I also love the calm day 'til night. It was unforgettable! I want to go back but it's too far. Maybe someday, I would love to go back there with my parents. Second is, I love the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. You know me, I love vintage stuff and antiques! Anything weird and different. The place is just right at the heart of the city near Cebu Heritage Monument which is just a walking distance. You can totally visit there house and see it for yourself. Don't ever forget you camera's and charge it fully! When you like vintage and heritage sites, feel free to visit the city of Cebu, they're rich in culture and centuries-old buildings. This ends my post on second day tour! I hope you had fun looking and scrolling on the photos above as much as I do. I also hope I gave you an idea on where your next destination will be! Kisses and more travels to come! :*

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