Friday, March 21, 2014

Street Party

Last March 15, during the 77th Araw ng Dabaw, there was a big party happened in Davao. Hence, Step-Up Street Party. If you happen to see me and was able to go to the epic party, then you haven't missed half of your life. LOL! I know, this has been 6-days later. I just wanna say sorry for the delay since I am sort of busy doing my journal (which I already finished), did some school stuff (though we don't have classes anymore), and watched movies most of the time! Now back to the party. It was held along the street of Palma Gil, Bo., Obrero where the night life of Davao always happen. The fact that it was free --- Yes! It was free for everyone so I think half of the population of party people in Davao came and witnessed the chaos. Good chaos! Not denying it, there were a lot of parties happening on that day, on that hour. During the street party, I saw a lot of my friends whom I thought they weren't going, but they did. The calm before the storm, my friends and I happen to avail on the second floor of World K-Box which is really near from the stage where the DJ's rocking the night, fronting Starr, Cork & Barrel and so much more. 

Calm before the storm | Len dropped by to our house to give me her gift which I awe a lot! Plus selfie time using her monopod. I had an awful time with her monopod.
At around 5:00PM, we went to G-Mall to meet up with my other friends and eat since we were starving. What's a party if your tummy's empty. Right? 
Our mini "bazooka's" | We have it before the party in different colors. It's our props for the party. Lol! You gotta have it, it's so useful.
Just a quick reminder! If you are going to a party like this one, make sure not to wear open shoes. Always ready your snickers or any close shoes, you might regret it after the party if you're going to wear some heels, wedge or any open shoes.
Paint and beer party | You might wanna use your plain white shirt but never expect to wear 'em again after the paint war! 
By the way, some of the photos aren't mine so credits to the owner! ;)
This photo is one of my favorites. It's taken with a film camera on 35mm. I love films so much! Thank you Mirjam for this awesome one. 
To all the people I met during the party and to my wonderful friends, 'til next time! I hope every festivity here in Davao, there should always be a party somewhere. They must have an epic party just like in other cities. It's totally fun and awesome! I hope to seeing you to the future parties anywhere in the city and out of the city. Can't wait to blog about SummerFrolic and Sarbay 2014. Stay tuned for that blog posts, SOON! ;) I hope you're having a fun time as much as I do. Kisses! :*



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