Saturday, March 8, 2014

When in Cebu

Oh boy, I love Cebu! For a lot of reasons though. I can still imagine our endless food-trip and pig-out every night especially when it comes to grilled foods. Cebu is extremely famous to grilling almost any poultry and meat you can imagine! The rice they use is called "puso" (hanging rice), if you've ever been in Cebu, you know what it is. It's a rice wrapped in banana leaves and steamed to perfection. It is almost always eaten in pair with barbecues (which Cebu is known for) and you'll find puso at almost any store in the city. We all eat with spoon and fork, but forget about it -- you gotta eat puso with your bare hands. Shameless about it, don't be too conscious since almost everyone eats without the utensils! There are thousands of barbecue joints in Cebu and the fact that it's clean, sold on a very cheap prices, and really mouth-watering too! 

Larsian sa Fuente, Cebu City
When you go here, you'll be an instant celebrity! Not kidding -- especially when they know you're new here or a tourist. Like what happened to us! Since we are all first-timers in the place, they'd hurriedly came to us and invited us to eat in their stalls! We are all so clueless about what's happening though. And it's so hard to explain since the commotion's extremely absurd! You should come here and try their bests!
Puso | Sold at Php 3.00 each
Inigo's Restaurant | They serve the best rice bowls 
Ayala Center Cebu
What I'm holding is a giant ass Toblerone! It's so massive I wanna take it home!
268-B Don Mariano Cui St, Lungsod ng Cebu
We come here often, almost every night to have dinner! This place is THE best! Since it's just one block away from Hotel Asia, we find ourselves savoring their best barbecues. The fact that it's ALWAYS (every single night) jam-packed with people and you should go here before dinner time to avoid the long cue in the line while ordering. I promise, when you're in Cebu, you should visit this barbecue joint. It's just near the Capitol so there's no excuse in getting lost! They are open from 5:00PM-12:00AM.
Their services are great! 10/10! Plus their staffs are accommodating too and really quick. You'll never be disappointed when you get in there!
Basilica Del Sto. Nino and Magellan's Cross
The Cathedral Museum of Cebu
As you can see, I am compiling our photos during tours and adventures in Cebu. We stayed there for 18-days and it's quite long to be in one place for almost 3 weeks! But the thing is, I really fell in love with Cebu. If you'd ask me, personally I would love to go back maybe during Sinulog next year! But 18-days has finally come to an end and we all were beyond and extremely excited to be home --- Davao is Life! Somehow, our OJT went well. If you're following me on Instagram, you'll see there our photos and whereabouts! 
Aerial view of city of Sugbu (Cebu)
The very best thing in flying at 5 in the afternoon is seeing the sun sets and the orange horizon above --- It's beautiful! I have so much photos on my phone and videos too (It's on my Instagram) 
It's time to finally say "Daghang Salamat, Sugbu!" (Thank you so much, Cebu)
I'll be coming back for you one day... Maybe in Sinulog 2015! I'll look forward to that. I have all the time and days to save up for the parties you're going to hold! 
After 10 years, I was finally able to go back to Cebu. Can you imagine how tiny I was back then, attending the wedding of my Aunt and being the flower girl. LOL! I wish I could let you see my photo. HAHA! Anyway, if I have the chance to go back in Cebu, I'll surely try the famous Zubuchon, Sky Walk, Edge Coaster and the city's night life where they end at 6 in the morning --- PARTYING! How insane is that!? Just wow! Well anyway, to sum it up. I had fun times back then. It's incredibly unforgettable, specially to the Cebuano's I met during the trip. Again, Daghang Salamat! This end up my trip and blog post. I hope you had fun seeing the photos as much as I do. See you in Liberalia 2014 :) Kisses! :*

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