Saturday, December 1, 2012

Black & White

It's almost a year now since my dearly beloved Grandmother 
passed away. I was scrolling my folders when I found out
that this picture is still saved and I thought this has been
deleted or in some case, corrupt. Thank God it's not.
I think of her every second of my life. She's like my Mom's best-est
friend and of course, my Mom's BEST-EST Mom in the whole world.
I really missed her since then. It's not the same way again without her.
I know, my Mom wasn't able to get her way back to the Philippines
but I know, my grandmother understands. 
This picture means a lot to me. This was taken during the
Christmas break. Today is December 1st and I really thought
of Blogging about this. This photo is one of the hanged photos on my wall
in my room for a long time now. Everyday, I see her (well, literally on my wall)
and I pray to God that she's happy. I know she's happy with
Grandpa now and I know, she's always there to guide us.
I really feel like crying writing this down or so, I'm crying. 
She's my closest among all my Grandparents. She's like the best.
She's perfect for me. I know someday, time will come
I'm gonna see her again but not yet this time. 

This photo reminds me of thousands of memories. It's like the most cherished
and most valuable ever. It's very simple but it reminisce's a lot. 

{Lola, I know you're watching us. Thank you so much for being there always.
I love you for the rest of my life and to me you're perfect. I love you, Lola.}

As you all know, normally I blog about something that's beyond nature
or things that's happening to the World. But this time, this very moment,
I really want to blog out about this. Different. 
Readers, thank you for being there to read about my preaches.
I appreciate it a lot and a massive thank you to all of you! :)

Keep reading and be updated to my upcoming Blog about.

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