Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let the Sunshine In

Oh hooow there! I never in my life was a morning person. For the record, I sleep by morning and wakes up by afternoon. That's how my Summer rolls, maybe I just have to deal with it. Why don't I like mornings? First, I don't get the essence of waking up so early. Though I like watching the sunrise and that's it. After watching, I get back in bed. I know, I'm that weird. Since today is a Sunday, family day and so on. This has been my first time for a longest time to wake up as early as 5AM, because usually during regular days, I get up by 7AM and do something real productive. Like today, going to church with my Mom, listen to the homily and be blessed! After which, the mass ended at 7:30AM which I still got to drop by at McDo and eat something while going back to the house. Actually, the real deal is, church is just blocks away from home which is having an option between walking and walking. Just kidding! But it's actually true. As promised, I had a mini photowalk with my camera (yipee) and Mom who held my things. Thanks Mom! 
I got some shots while passing by to the streets. Since it's early in the morning, it's not yet a busy hour for mostly everyone. And it's Sunday, like duh! Anyway, the morning was gloomy. So I didn't get too much of what I was about to. 

The building you can see is The Royal Mandaya Hotel. Yes! We live nearby. We're very accessible to every establishments you can think in the City. I'm thankful our street is always clean. Well, Davao City is really clean, I preach that!
And here's my Mom's back. Lol! 
This lad is getting ready for a long day! I salute every workers.
Well, here's me and my mom... I don't know what she's doing but I tell you she's not camera shy. Urm, we're sorta in a hurry then.
I'm in love with that too. You're welcome! :-)
Yessur! Changed my polish to sky blue for the tour! Who's excited now? :)
I make fun of my face once in a while. Am I bagay to have mustache? LOL.
It feels good to have my camera back. And I'm sorta getting excited for our 4-day tour which means I can't update all my sites while I'm on a tour. I'm leaving you, my readers, with so much to look forward to after the tour! We'll be visiting Cagayan de Oro City, parts of Bukidnon and Iligan! I've been to some places we're gonna visit but I won't spoil it since I want to unwind and most importantly, take photos and leave nothing but memories. So I guess this is my promised blog post before leaving Davao. Wishing there will be wifi just to update my Twitter. Anyway, I still have to sort my things, enjoy Coachella's Live streaming and get ready for tomorrow. Blogging soon, readers! Kisses.

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