Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teenage Kicks

What has been up, readers? Today, I'm gonna blog about what we did that is so cool and interesting which I have been doing from the past 3 years already. Ever since I got into photography, Canon is always the number one camera/DSLR I consider the most easy yet sufficient and elegant. Every year, Canon is holding a Photoskwela from different places in the Philippines. This year, they take off to Davao City which was held in SM Atrium. The guest speakers were Troy Monsod and Mr. Per-Andre Hoffman. If you're familiar with them, then you know what who the people I just mentioned. Both of them are big names in the industry of Photography. They're both ambassadors of Canon Philippines. I've met them before so I was familiar with their works and shots. It's always nice and different which is great! Talks and techniques that they have been sharing to so much people from the past few years. Every time Canon will hold Photoskwela's, the Canon team never fails to send me mails or contact me personally. I'm so glad they remembered me! Thanks for that. So to make the long story short, take a peek of today! Enjoy :-)

What Canon always consider is:
1.) It's ALWAYS free when they held a Photoskwela
2.) Guarantee a GREAT and KNOWLEDGEABLE talk with the greatest speakers and pro-photographers you could ever imagine. (Hence, Canon ambassadors)
3.) You can never go wrong when you're using Canon.
4.) Ask a question and you'll get a freebie
(I got a camera sling, which is soooo nice!)
5.) ALWAYS bring your camera with you on the event! 
Here's Troy Monsod, halfway done to his "all about basics" talk.
You may check out his site called Wedding Campaign
What I've been talking about was this. I got a freebie from Canon, a new camera strap.
Photo with Per-Andre Hoffman. I also have a photo with him last year! Huge fan.
You may visit his site at www.per-andre.com
Basically, I was supposed to be in the Close Up Summer Solstice today! Yes, I won a ticket going there but unfortunately, due to some problems I wasn't able to go. Sucks right? But well, there will always be a next time! Maybe next year, I will finally have the guts to party 12-hours non stop! Anyway, I'm gonna take this opportunity to thank Close Up Philippines for choosing me to get the free ticket! Kisses! 
During the free time on Photoskwela, Dina Geronimo and I were able to do some "us" shots outside SM. 
Don't you just like oxfords? Because I am in love with them! 
I know, I rarely do some outfit shots but because it was a gloomy day and I love my shoes and the fact that I was in a so called "photo-crisis" too! I'm more of liking it! Hihi
I say that the first day of Canon Photoskwela was the bomb! I had gained so much new information about how to use your DSLR accordingly, also including on how is the importance of point and shoot. Also the kinds and uses of the lenses, lighting, aperture, shutter, every thing in photography! For the information of every photo enthusiasts who are residing here in Davao City, you can still join the Canon Photoskwela tomorrow at SM Davao, Atrium! It's all for free. You might also like their page on Facebook: Canon Digital Camera - Philippines and follow them on Twitter: @Canon_PH 
See more details on the poster

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