Saturday, April 13, 2013

Call It... Summer

When talking about shopping, always count me in! I think for most girls, shopping is one of the ways we can express our emotions. Physically, and the way we choose our products. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Today, my parents and I had a quick shopping before my 4-day tour. It's a class tour for Tourism Students that has Philippine Domestic Tourism course. So before it, my mom treat me to... voila, my second favorite to H&M, Call It Spring. After a long wait, it has finally opened its door to Davaoeneos last March 22, 2013 in the newest mall, SM Lanang Premier. Nonetheless, while we were looking on the bags (which is... all my favorite!) this vintage looking bag caught my attention! From far, I fell in love with it! I know, cray but superb! So anyway, I wasn't gonna buy it but I can't take to prolong it since I've 1 day left before tour. Thanks to my Mom, which has also a crush on the bag.. she bought it for me. Sweet mother of Christ! ;)
P.S. And as a promise, before I have to leave for our 4-day tour on Monday, I promise to have my Sunday post which is tomorrow! Stay tuned for it and enjoy this blog post.

Don't you just love the simple yet vintage details of it. Because I do! 
Well here's a thing, you can choose between doing a shoulder bag or sling bag. It's totally up to you. This one has the same function on to my Prada bag if you've seen.
I know, too Tumblr-y! Check out the inside details. Anchors which is so classy! 
Comment below if you like... no, LOVE it too! 
Love Call It Spring?
You can check out their websites, and click the links below:
You may also check this blog post by and click the link below: 
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you probably should have any idea that I am massive fan of nail polish! 
Are the colors too Summer-y? YES! I've been posting my polished nails 
on my Tumblr and Twitter 2 days ago. Thanks for the compliments, btw! 
These Forever 21 enamels are amazeball! They dry easily and quickly which is great because I hate polish that're so wet and it sticks to everywhere. 
To my hair, my pillows, everywhere and no girl could ever stand such!
Bought jeans (I hate jeans) but have to because we have a place to go on the tour that's not allowed to wear shorts. And neon top just to add in my luggage. What! I can't help but to buy it, I love neon big time and Aztecs! But I chose not to buy Aztecs from their. I just don't like walking in a big mall and seeing you've the same shirt with that person. Nah! 
Inside Forever 21, we saw some of our relatives, which is nice because to be honest I haven't seen them for a long time. I'm a busy kid and I can't do anything about it. Lol! I'm preaching. So anyway, we said our "Hi's", had a coffee at Krispy Kreme and I met their sons. (YOUNGER sons). I guess this has been a long day for me. For the record, I haven't been thinking about packing my stuffs and on what am I suppose to bring! Good heavens! I shall pack. I hope you enjoyed my post and your day as much as I do! Kisses to my readers.

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