Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sparkle Up

Hello ladies! One thing you should know about me is that I am a massive fan of nail polish. I own like more than 20 of it in different colors! Mostly, I only like putting something natural colored-enamels and nothing else. I don't do sparks or nail arts. But somehow, when my mom and I were in a shop, I fell in love with this Winmax Nail Sparks, if I'm not mistaken it's a Japanese nail enamel. It's not familiar to me at first but when I tried it on my index nail, I just loved it. Unlike any other sparkies that doesn't last too long, Winimax is different which is nice. They also have different colors of sparkies but I chose this nude one and pair it with different colors I have. Let me share with you with boosts! :) Enjoy!

1.) Put a top coat on each nails. Whatever color/s you like. I chose Neon orange because it's summer and I think orange is perf for it!
2.) Let it dry for minutes. Always make sure to dry it up for you to have a quick put-on with the Winimax Nail Sparks.
3.) If your first coat is already dry, now put the Nail Sparks and after minutes, your nails will shine. Not just any minimal shine. 
On my nails, it's just a one coat for Winimax because I don't wanna overdue the sparkly use of it. And I think it's just perfect! 

So girlies, what do you think about it? :) Try also experimenting your nails this summer by doing nail art. There are a lot of options, I'm gonna try Aztecs next time! Stay tuned.

Checkout CutePolish's YouTube videos for easy and cute nail arts and more!

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