Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day Four: Just Capture It

Our fourth and last day of the tour has finally come to and end! Awwweee sad but at the same time, we all had fun! So our itinerary for that day was to visit Overview which is amazeball, lunch at Seagull mountain resort and lastly, visit Philippine Eagle Center. Leaving Bukidnon was so much in a hurry since some of us woke up late and I haven't finished packing my stuffs yet. But thank God, the bus didn't leave us then. We have to travel hours to get to our destination, which is first the Overview in BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao) road. I have nothing else to say but... the view was truly captivating. It's so nature-y and refreshing but everyone went loco to the "pasalubong" corner which is on the hallway. So much for that, enjoy the view and the photos! :-)

This statue is somewhat a representation of a tribe. I think they're called "Matigsalug"
And this is what I was saying. We're such tourists! 
Leaving Overview without a photo of it means nothing! Okay, here's a tip. Never leave a place (cool place) that you've never been to! You'll never know it's gonna be your last visit, right? So make the most out of it! ;)
Then we arrived at Seagull Mountain Spring Resort just to have quick lunch and quick photo opt in the area. We didn't had a chance to stroll the whole place since we're sort of in a hurry. But I've been there once :)
Would you ever believe that those native bracelets were handmade by them! They're the Matigsalug tribe which are so artistic. They've crafts from bags to bracelets and it's very very cheap! Each bracelet costs 10PHP and it's a big thing for them already. :)
Do you ever want to stay in a place where even if the sun is so mad, it still has cold wind touching your skin? Well, BUDA is a perfect place! You heard me, it's still cold because of the pine trees surrounding it. And by night, fog will be your best-friend. 
And so we're near Davao City by then! We had a stop over on this gigantic Eagle structure along the way to Davao! 
Video recording for our project :)
After 2-hours or so, we finally arrived in Davao! But before heading to our homes, we had to stop over (Which is the last stop) Philippine Eagle Center in Calinan. We spent 30 minutes there or so... 
Well, enjoy the shots I've taken! 
Using my Ultrasonic lens, I had these amazing shots from birds (usually) and stuffs. I had fun to it, never knew it would be this great! Even I loved it. Don't you agree with me? :) Lol!
Holding or something like that to the snake is for free! You can choose between the yellow snake or the gigantic snake or both! If you're brave enough ;)
I had so much fun on the tour. From first day up to the last has been amazing! Seeing and visiting a lot of places that I've never been to means a lot to me. Especially the falls, it's what I love. The people, food, accommodations and others are also great! I never expected so much, that everything turned out well. I feel so proud touring the Northern part of Mindanao! Who would have think that there are so many undiscovered, hidden places from here? Traveling from places to places has never been so easy, especially when you're carrying so many stuffs and also with the time management. But eventually, if you're truly aiming of something you want to visit or experience, you surely have the guts to take a step and have an adventure. It's always worth the wait! It's truly more fun in the Philippines! 
This has been a long day tour blog post. I hope you did enjoyed the photos I shared with you as much as I do! :-) Thanks for reading, kisses to everyone! 

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