Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day Three: Bukidnon City

Blog post tour finally on day three! Hooray! Well, it's sad to leave and say goodbye to the awesome Cagayan de Oro but everyone has to. On the third day, we are heading to Bukidnon. It's like Tagaytay/Baguio scenery, yet it's located in Mindanao. It's cold and foggy even if it's summertime. The place is totally relaxing since there are thousands of pine trees surrounding the place! The view's are great too, sad to say I don't have photos of most of it since we were sleeping all through out the travel. This wasn't my first time in Bukidnon, but first time in Waig Crystal Spring Resort. Yep, that's we're heading. We had an overnight there, which we were freezing in coldness plus the air-conditioned rooms were bummers! There's so much in that place, though. You may avail with their cable cars, horse back riding, hanging bridge, the zip line and their pools and so much more! Check out their official website, just click the link: Waig Crystal Spring Resort. The tour wouldn't be complete without photos, right? Check out my shots! Enjoy :)

Upon checking-out Marco Hotel in Cagayan de Oro, we waited for others then.
Manolo Fortich proper, Bukidnon! 
Their 2 cable cars accommodates 2 persons. 
Wait there... Before going to the pool side, you have to go down or trek down to their crazy stairways! I tell you, it's crazy. But it's optional, you may take their zip line, hanging bridge and the most easiest is their cable cars.
They actually have 4 pools. 4-6-8 feet each! And another kiddie pool :)
If you're wondering why I wasn't on any of the pictures (WET) is because unfortunately, I was scratched by a cat! In a hurry cat, I say. That leads to wound on my left foot, but it wasn't that serious. Thanks to Ms. Pinky, I had to apply betadine on the wound. The advice was, I can't dip to the pool, It might infect the wound. So, I had nothing to do with it but just watch them have fun. Oh, cray! Still, I'm happy seeing them enjoying the last night of the tour. I mean, personally I also had fun that night. Why wouldn't I? 
Well, we're so close to the fourth day and It'll be posted tomorrow! I hope you've been enjoying my tour blog posts lately! It means a lot to me receiving mails and feedbacks. Thank you, big time. Kisses to everyone :*


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