Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Carte Blanche 2013

The Queen of all late! I know man, Carte Blanche 2013 is already 1 month old since it happened. But there's no such thing as stopping me for not posting a blog (even if I am sick for week!) about the crazy, wet, wild, ecstatic EDM Party ever held in Davao --- Or maybe even in Mindanao! The first ever Electric Music Carnival / 3D Party held in Mindanao. How cool is that? After straight parties before, one of the most unforgettable was CB2013! I can't contain how fun that one night was and what excites me more is that I heard, next year will be 2-day EMC Carte Blanche party! 
Photo from my friend, Dina Geronimo
Photos from Tolits Montiague 

The gate opened at 1PM but the party really started at 3PM, and the local DJs started turning up the beat but we really haven't made it to 3PM since we had some business to do. We arrived at Davao Crocodile Park, Soccer Field at about 7:30PM. We met some good old friends there at the entrance line up and food trucks which was outside the venue. Had our lunch and took some photos! Good heavens, I din't brought my SLR since it rained so amazingly hard! Enough with the chit-chat, take a peek of how the magic happened. Enjoy! ;)
Since a lot of my friends came to witness the party, I met them there, took some photos and partied! It was sick! 
Even dudes can wear floral crowns too! I have no idea who this person was but I just stood there asking for a twin photo with him since we have matching floral crowns... sort of!
Our good friend Klyde Jarabelo being a busy bee photographer during the whole event!
All the pictures says it all! How fun Carte Blanche was and we rocked out some floral crowns and outfits too! Just a Tomorrowland wannabe but still, a perfect Tomorrowland wannabe! Can imagine that the whole place was filled with over 10, 033 people according to Kat Dalisay, the organizer of the event. And were part of that one big history. Davao rocked the whole City with its madness plus great DJs on the track! Ever since months before, we already had SVIP tickets, yes, we reserved those earlier since there were scarcity of tickets even the earlier months before November! What really amazed me the most was that, there were massive people in the crowd, all have the same purpose and goal --- GET HOME DRUNK, WET, WILD & STONED! Which obviously we all were. Regardless to that, it was still a Party for a Cause, and percents of the proceeds will go to the Super-typhoon Haiyan victims. And to their adopted charity which is Habitat for Humanity, Philippines. To be honest, it was one of the wildest parties I've ever been to and I can't wait for next year! The party was all worth the price. To think that we helped the people at the same time, had the greatest one night of our lives. Nevertheless, partying with your friends are the greatest invention in this world.

Forever a lover of floral crowns! I actually own two. Thanks Bianca! :)
Glitters, neon, aztec, Indian Bindi, bangles, beach sling bag, neon blue polish and denim tattered shorts for a carnival outfit! 
Rocking them all out in one night.
Top & Bottom: Forever 21
Gladiators: H&M
Nail Polish: Love & Beauty (Forever 21)
Indian Bindi/Bangles/Neon neck piece: From Neesha Balani
Floral Crown: Hand-made by my friend Bianca Sabellano

To all the people who went to Carte Blanche 2013, I will all see you next year and make sure to be in your best carnival attires! Make the most of the time and go home really really drunk. ;) Hope you enjoyed the photos and this post! Snap! <3


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