Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Break

 OH MY GOSH!!! *SCREAMING!* Good Lord, finally it's officially Christmas break! Ended Nihonggo exam with a buzz (iykwim) plus bonded with my good friends. I just can't contain my happiness knowing and thinking that this year has been so awesome and I am so grateful to the blessings and struggles mostly at school. It's been one of the busiest Trimester in my college life. So happy that second trimester has finally ended. School's out, holiday break in! Since I don't usually bring SLR lately, I make use of my phone anyway. I wasn't suppose to blog this but whatever, I just wanna let you know what happened today. I know some of you are already out of town or maybe out of the country to start celebrating the holiday season and good buys too. I hope you're having fun as much as I do today. ;)

Clingy and crazy friends will always be one of the best-est you could ever have in college! They make my day right and insane. I can't even stop laughing whenever I'm with them. Lol! 
Meet my boyfie... NOT! ;) Don't worry, he's not straight.
What is invasion on my phone. Always work since my friends are too vain whenever there's a camera. There's no in between with their craziness! If we're friends on facebook, you'd know what I'm talking about ;) But no matter how crazy they are sometimes, they are one of the best. Can't wait to see them again next year! 

'Tis once again Christmas season. Time for joy and giving and appreciating everyone. Time to give love on people that are too close to you or even the people who once you cared too. There's no such thing as hatred because each and everyone of us taught how to love, how to care, to thank, and especially to give even non-material stuff. Christmas is the season where family and friends get together and give each others' presents. No amount is too big or small if it comes from your heart. Countdown to Christmas! More posts to come soon. I hope you will be having a great time with your family, friends and loved ones. Always cherish the memories and never forget to thank God for everything. Kisses! :*


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