Monday, December 16, 2013

Retro Peach

I am now a first-time godmother of the cutest baby I've ever seen, Baby Luke Marcus. Since I already posted the summary (hope you already read it last night!) of what happened to Baby Luke's Christening, let me share with you my outfit post yesterday. In case you're wondering why I'm blogging at class hours is because I don't have class today, which is a good thing 'cos the weather is so nice and really cuddly! *Hugs* So back to the story, I'm now getting used to an outfit post though my blog isn't categorized on Fashion Blogs. Lol! My good readers, bear with me *winks* I haven't been traveling lately to places due to my lack of time and busy schedule ahead of us, college students! Plus it's already the start Final exam week and I have to double time and exert a lot of efforts on minors. To make this short, you may continue reading and see the photos below! 

What I love the most wearing most of the time are vintage inspired clothing. Yep! Love mix n' matching those stuff plus it's not common but not weird and I feel so comfortable wearing it. I also love light colors especially during Sundays.
Top & Skirt: Both from Segunda
Brown Gladiators: MSE/Natasha

If you are wondering why I don't wear any accessories is because I think it's so uncomfy though it adds to the look plus it looks nice. I rarely use and wear accessories but I have so much in store which I haven't worn since and still on plastics. Lol! If ever I'd be selling those stuff, you should buy it in a very very low prices! 
All hail! I don't usually wear that kind of skirts but I think if I'd wear a skater skirt, that'd be sooooo common. Seems like every person wears that! I want a neon skater skirt but I can't find a good one with nice quality of cloth.
What I love most about Sundays is that I can hangout with my friends. Rarely with family because my parents are both busy plus my Mum ain't in the Philippines and my cousins are all in Manila and some parts of the country. I can't wait to finish this week and head to Manila, spend my holidays there with my relatives and go see some places! And also, since it's my cousin's 18th birthday, I must be there until next year. Aaaaah! I can't wait to see them because I miss them too badly. Today, I heard a good news from our dean announcing that our class (3rd Trimester) will start on January 8th, that means I don't have to hurry up getting back to Davao or so, since I have all the time when I get back on 6th! I am so glad hearing that because there's no year that I don't celebrate holidays with them. Can't wait! My inspiration for the upcoming exams. Wish me luck! Hope you had a great time reading my blog post today. I'm really hoping I could meet some of my readers when I get there. See you! Kisses! :*


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