Sunday, December 15, 2013

Luke Marcus

Something went well and special today, December 15th! The Christening of Baby Luke Marcus and me, being a first-timer "Ninang" (Godmother)! Oh gee, Baby Luke is the cutest and I am so proud of his parents which was my high school batch mates and good old friends! Speaking of good old friends, some of my closest in high school was also there which made me so happy seeing them again. Had some good laughs and talks about life and school! Gosh, I miss them to the extent. It's a blessing to us, having Tracey as our friend, accepting her baby as our "pamangkin" plus I would never say no for nothing. Proud as well, though at their young age, they can handle the parents' obligations and needs for their child. To make the story short, see our photos below! ;)

Forever and ever and ever a photobomber. *Bad cheetah*!
Proud and lovely mum's over there! Nicole and Tracey <3
*Koochi koochi* Baby Lamlam being so adorable despite of his "WHAT" look! 
Proud Ninang over here! <3
 These people are one of my closest high school friends and they will never be replace in my heart despite of our so long distance relationships! (Lol!) Plus, the fact that we go to different colleges and universities in town and having the busiest schedules in the college level! Reunited with my friends are the best-est things in life. It's still the same, nothing ever changed, the memories are still fresh even though we are all in second year college now. It's true, that high school friends are the best people you would ever meet and I am thankful that they are part of my life (drama). They are important to me and I'd always be here for them no matter what. Having this chance to see them again was the happiest and greatest, since we've been in off-connection for a long time somehow! Thank you for this day lovely people. See you soon and I love you to the moon and back! :*

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