Monday, December 9, 2013


It has been for ages since the last time I posted a good entry on my blog! Gee, I missed you to bits! *Hugs, hugs*. I've been so busy in school (naks! lol), plus I am sick for almost a week now. Crazy right? This post was supposedly last month pa! Apologies. Anyway, I kind of took advantage of being a Lana Del Rey wannabe because of my floral crown which was made by my good friend, Bianca Sabellano from Fine Arts department. I also have another one which I used during Carte Blanche 2013 party. (I'm gonna blog about that soon! So stay tuned). Been also too flory during this shoot, from skirt, head piece to background! Earthly love indeed. As you can see, I cut my hair shorter and until now, I don't see any improvements! (*Cries* I want my old, long hair back!). Anyway, enough being a drama queen. Take a peek of what's inside! ;)

Kind of Katy Perry (Roar) Inspired photo! 
I personally love this day which was a Saturday, even if we have Nihonggo class during afternoon but it's a 2 by 2 basis that I get to hangout with my friends which are also my blockmates. Before we had a class, my friend and I went to a mini shoot just across school. Took advantaged of the fine weather and the background too! If you want, you may visit there Restaurant: Casa Munda, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City
and just ask for permission. The place is kinda chill and nature-y which is why I love the whole concept of it! At night, it's also catchy. If you've seen our film entitled "Shoebox" there you can see how the resto transforms into a romantic set-up! :)
Inclusion to this post, I love my new 3D Matter iPhone case I bought from a store in GMall that I totally forgot the name. But I remembered, it was in 3/F beside iCenter! Go check 'em out! ;)

Comfort over style. It doesn't matter how beautiful your clothes are, but you're not comfortable enough wearing that. It's still a massive mistake that'll lead you to wardrobe malfunction! Quick advice, flats goes a long with any casual wear. Just don't mismatch the hue! Hope you're having a great week.


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