Friday, December 20, 2013

Garnier Anilao

If you'd ask me what would be the most unforgettable moment that happened to me before this year ends was #Sembreak2013 in Mati City, Davao Oriental which was held last October 25-26th! Since it was a 2-day party, there were tons of people who joined and enjoyed the madness including myself and my friends who was also there to witness. Watch the After Movie Video here: #Sembreak2013 
Plus, Mati will always be the place where magic happens. Perfect beach, sun, sand, place, party and people. 

Garnier Anilao Contest Giveaway really caught my attention since it was featured on my blog! And the fact that I am Garnier user ever since I was in high school. Wherever I go, I always make sure to bring a tube of Light Pure lemon essence + Micro-beads and a tube of OilClear Eucalyptus extract + Micro-beads. These are the two that I uses the most since it helps my face and skin moisturize and totally an instant for oily face problems! I can't stand myself without having my face washed with any of the two before I sleep and the moment I wake up. And since I am a Tourism student, which complies a lot of traveling to different places, I always have it in my luggage or a sachet in my make up kit. It's like I have it in me that it is already included on my daily routine.

So here is our 3-day escapade in the City of Mati! 
The famous dinosaur formed hill 
First day/first party in Sibala Beach Park by Mustard Seed Events Philippines
Yes, you got it right. We stayed on a tent for 2-nights without even hesitation since most of all the people there slept in a tent.
See my blog entry for #Sembreak2013
Second day! Fun and heat in the sun.
For me, the most beautiful place that I can ever be is at the beach. I can live there forever. Lol! Or just a vacation place will do.
Now that I've shared to you one of my most unforgettable memories this year, I hope you have one too to share! Anyone can join Nuffnang Philippines: Garnier Anilao Contest Giveaway just click the link to see how. I hope you enjoyed the photos above as much as I do! Looking forward for my next year #Sembreak2014 party, definitely with my loved friends. Kisses! See my full blog about #Sembreak2013 here. Take Care, Garnier :*


  • Enriched with active ingredients such as Pure Lemon Essence and SnowPine™ Whitesource, the Garnier Light Complete Extra UV Protection offers measurable fairness in 14 days and helps reduce 3 kinds of spots: acne marks, dark spots and sun freckles.
  • It also instantly makes complexion brighter. Day after day, the skin is fairer and dark spots fade out.
  • It has the proven power of:
    • PURE LEMON ESSENCE to gently exfoliate and help remove dead cells
    • SNOWPINE WHITESOURCE, a revolutionary whitening ingredient derived from a powerful molecule that exists naturally in pine trees. It has ten times more whitening efficacy than Vitamin C* to act on melanin synthesis at the source*.
    • SPF 17/PA++ to better protect the skin from further darkening caused by daily UVA and UVB rays.

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