Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pursuit of Happiness

One thing I am so thankful for everyday is that I have funny, crazy, beautiful, wonderful and trusted friends. This has been a cray-cray Wednesday to me! Well, us. We don't have classes though since it's a College Week that's why all students are not in uniforms. And we still have to be in school and do sorts of stuffs. But 'twas forever late of me that I wasn't really in school but I was in Do Good Have Fun with my friends and do nothing but eat. I know! This day is somewhat unforgettable, I was never been so thrilled in my entire life before. Chills! Enjoy the photos.

First thing to do with my friends in the morning was to photobomb! DGHF has its mini-studio with the lights and the mirror that's why I love it there. Besides it's free for everyone! :-) 
Quote of the Day: Life is Infinite
I told ya, gazillions of photos from us. Actually, I am way too thankful my friends aren't camera shy's since I don't like people who don't know how to smile to the camera. Hey! Smile, it's the free-iest thing of all! :-)
New faces? Yup! Indee and Maylene (block mates) Hang out for about the rest of the morning. Haha! Cray cray as well! 
Faces with Nice! I am sad since the Mariano sisters will not be with us for about 4 days or more. They've to attend a wedding anniv and it's thousand miles away from Davao.
Hello to the new crazies! :-) Indee and Maylene! Welcome to my blog, you just got into it!
Faces with the people I bonded with today! Hurrah! <3
The idol of all idols (in pink) Elinah Joyce ft. Indee and Maylene the photobombers! 
Spent the whole afternoon with these people! Hello to Vee! :-)
Awkward moment when you and your friend has nothing left to do but crazy stuff! The real plan was, Len and I will do the planking on the road but ended up doing those! It's now called a "Semi-planking pose".
Tantananan! Went to a Carnival today. If you're wondering why this has been an unforgettable experience to us is that we rode the Sea Dragon. Screamed and Shouted to let the fears all out but I end up crying since I was too scared and promised to my self and in front of my friends that I will never ever ever ever ride that Sea Dragon ever again! 
It's insane! It feels like your soul has got out to your body and forgot to came back. But if you really are adventurous and ready to try everything, don't miss an opportunity to ride the mighty Sean Dragon for only 50php! 
Mary Rose Carnival is located just beside Matina Town Square
The before photos! :-) Looked so excited but deep inside, really scared and nervous! 
And the during photo! There were a lot of pictures taken during the insane ride but I cannot post it here since our faces are like "I-wanna-go-down-now" and really scared! 
After riding the Sea Dragon, some of my friends rode the swing carousel and that was the time my camera shut down. I've taken a video of it but it's on iPhone and I think it wasn't uploaded yet! 
Life is like a one heck of a crazy ride. You have to bear with it and think of what could you possibly accomplish for an hour, a second, a minute, a day, a week, months and years to come. We all have ups and downs, it's always like that. Yes, it's our choice and decisions. You have to chase every single opportunity that will be given to you and really is for you. What's for you is for you. Don't hurry things because there will always be a right time, a right place and a perfect act on you wanna have. Just don't stop living your dreams, and always grab the chance. Don't just dream, work on it! :-)

Como estas my lovely readers? Another great experience I had conquered today. It was amazing! I hope you liked it too ;-) Kisses! 
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