Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cultural Festivity

After the 5 days of activities and festivities during the event, today, it has finally come to  an end. This year's perhaps the grandest event ever held in Davao City. The title says it all; "Liwanag World Festival". I wasn't in school today since I have errands to do and that counts studying since Prelims' on its way! Sigh* Well anyway, before talking stressful matters, I have to say that the event really helped me --- well, I hope everyone who attended the festival. From educational talks, sessions and workshops to proudly Pinoy artworks, dances and photos! It was also an honored to witnessed again the performance by Bayanihan Dance Troupe and Madayaw Cultural Ensemble. Humble and very very informative speakers from different places in the country and the world! Nevertheless, it's so much honor to all Davaoeneos that these kind of celebration has been held in Davao City. I heard that next year will be in Iloilo and I think it'll be great too! Alright, so much of that, enjoy the photos I have taken since third day! 

Proudly Pinoy: The Bayanihan Dance Troupe performing their second act in their Boholania attires. The performance/dance was amazing! You can really see to the performers that they are having fun at the same time, they portray the dance well.
Ms. Ina Feleo  
When the time I tag her the photos I took last day, she thanked and complimented me. She just loved it and it was an honor that she had the time to repost it from me. 
(Via Instagram @ina_feleo @eishellecellona )
They also performed a light dance. I forgot the Filipino name of the dance but as far as I know, they have to balance the glass with a candle inside. 
I play with the lights. A lot! :-) The entire RSM was dark and the only light available was the sticks. That's why I came up with shots like these. I love it! It's really creative somehow.
If you have read my post last 31st, this is Sampsa Pirtola a.k.a Immanuel from Finland.
 President of I-Land and Finnish Extemporaneous Artist and Stand-Up Comedian 
He gave a talk about he's contribution to the World. We've seen some videos and he is amazing. And very very tall! Hahaha
Mr. Olan Ignacioa creative ventriloquist, with his puppet whom he calls "Mang Jose"(Rizal). Really entertaining and funny as well! 
Familiar? She's the lady from the commercial of "Boysen". Yep! She was there too to give as a talk about the politics. It was crazy! She's so hilarious and she made everyone laugh whoever people inside the RSM! She really brought so much laughter to the crowd! She showed us some videos too, even her YouTube video about our dear President! 
She's THE Juana Change! 
Watch this video and please support: Juana C. The Movie
Sha and Juana Change 
After the crowd went to their workshops, Sha and I decided to stay a bit more inside the RSM to have a photo taken with the speakers. Gladly, Juana Change was still inside and doing their business. Yay! Had a photo with her. *Happy Dance*
Tada! Sampsa Pirtola a.k.a Immanuel and I. THE HEIGHT! Luckily, before he was about to leave the events center and in case I don't get to see him again. He amazed us! 
This was during the third day when Sha and I went to the exhibit area which was located in the Gym just in front of the food court. Doodles upon entering and booths surrounding the gym. Their were also a mini art exhibits and stuffs that you can bring home with a fee. By then, you can benefit at the same time help them in your very simple way which is a big deal for them. T-shirts, Dream catchers, foods and many more in each booths.
Sha with Ms. Gina Lopez
Then here's me with Ms. Gina Lopez
I've posted this photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since I am way beyond excited to show you this. Another opportunity that has given and we're so happy to listen to the talk about Environmental problems in this country. Big help! 

Kids for Peace Foundation, Incorporated
i.matter | i.move| mindanao
Okay, let me share with you this. I really am truly down about purchasing their i.matter shirt. I was longing for it for 2 days and unfortunately, I wasn't able to get/buy one. So please, I am needing your help! Whoever could tell me where can I buy their shirt which has the word "i.matter" and the shirts color is Red, then let me know. You can always Tweet me or Email me or in any possible ways. Thank you! :-) And I really want to help their foundation as well.
Apl De Ap wearing the i.matter shirt I was telling you I was longing to buy! Help me find one. Really wanna have it badly! 
Cherish Every Moment pin/s are also available that time
Dream catchers earrings! Gorg!
There were 2 booths (I guess) who sells Dream Catchers! It's beautiful. If only I could buy everything but unfortunately, can't since I own too much of it but still I wanna have more. If you wanna give me, please do! :-) Hahaha! I don't mind what's the design as long as it's a dream catcher, I will love it and put it on my collections.
Padyak tungo sa Liwanag
Paintings! These were some of the paintings I have taken since there were numbers of it. 
Personally, this was my favorite. If you could look at it, it explains directly to the point what the paint is trying to tell us. I mean, it's very simple yet explains a lot of possibilities in life. Don't you think?
Davao City Government Booth
There were many booths inside the Gym. Everything connects to everyone! Interesting as well. 

"What change do you want to contribute to the World?"
A simple question which has to be taken and answered seriously. The world we're living has been experiencing too much of problems. Millions of people suffering to this & to that. Poverty, crisis, climate change, natural disaster and more hundreds of them, all because of us. Reality check: everyday, we grow somehow we learn, do things in different ways, meet new people, and be productive in every single day. We move towards the possibilities. We fall a lot, but if we fall, quitting is not an exception but we have to move on and start new things. Right? Well for me, what the World needs now is unity. Start it with the people that surrounds you. Be nice, humble and if possible be generous to everyone specially the people who are in need and in that way, it's a big big help for them. Start is in a very simple way. There are so many possible answers to the question above. I mean come to think of it, What change do you really want to contribute to the World? I hope you will come up with unique ideas about it and I really wanna know what would that be. Leave a comment below and let me know of what you think

Liwanag World Festival 2013
See the Light. Be the Light. Share the Light


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