Monday, February 18, 2013

Appreciate Life

It has been a rainy Monday to laze up and hoping to go back to sleep but the reality has to take in that we (students) have to prepare for the first subject of the day. And I was late. Maybe this year isn't really for me to be early as possible but I am surely and heartily trying my best to wake up as early as 7 in the morning for class. Well today, I've decided to bring my camera since I had borrow a friends macro lens. TADA! Yay! My friends love the lens too. This is day is really a bed weather. Raining all through out the day 'til night but unfortunately, the news said that there will be another typhoon for this month. :"( I hope everyone's okay. Like very okay and dry! Well anyway, It's also a College Week so the students had to act like a teacher. If you're too familiar with that, though. I also decided to take my own 7-day Challenge of Photography and try my best to update and post something new everyday on my blog, which is here. So let me start it today, here are so photos I've compiled all through out the day. Kudos, enjoy! :-)

Normally, we always take our lunch before 12 noon or so but since it's a College week, it's okay that we had to be dismissed early as the regular time. Thanks to the student-teachers for being so considerate and kind and patient! So we had our lunch in this cute area called
"DO GOOD HAVE FUN" and as you can see I had a post-it.
11:11 Make a Wish
We stayed there for the entire break time, enjoyed the meal, had a chit-chats,
avail their free wifi and chill. It's really a comfortable place and they served one
of a kind Carbonara and meals too!
After which, since we had to back to our classes we still had time to goof around! I know, I have the coolest block-mates ever and I am so thankful for them. Very! 
Inside the RSM, well even outside and the hallway of RSM there an art exhibit free to visit called "TIE BOX" which is from the Fine Arts Department. It's really beautiful! 
I guess our day will never be complete without us photobombing! It's in the blood. Haha!

You can see beauty in Black and White
Black and White really appreciates photography in different ways. I love it. It says a lot of stories in my head. It creates art. It's beautiful. 

Beautiful when it's Candid
"Taho" vendors. I salute them! Even if the rain is pouring from the sky, they still had to work and to think that they carry a heavy stuff put on their shoulder. It's a tough job though, I've seen a lot since before, Rain or Shine they have to sell a "Taho". It's a part of the Filipino culture. Be proud!

There are million reasons to appreciate life. Be happy, be free, be weird, be you! No matter what other thinks, don't mind them. In all aspects of life, there will always be people who will like and unlike you. It's part of life. It's the reality. But still, always think of positive thoughts. No matter how rough things and life will be, there are people who will help you and nevertheless too, start it with your self. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today. There will be more so stay tuned!
I love you and thank you for reading my blog posts! Kisses to everyone!

POSTED: 7 Day Challenge: 1st Day


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