Sunday, February 17, 2013

She Turns 18

Once in a life time, you turn 18. A celebration of life and happiness because you finally graduated to childhood and about to step to the real world of adultery. Well, it's still teen but already legal! Last night was so much fun. Lusil's birthday was last 13th of February but since it's a Wednesday, and they had their exams so the party was held last night at the Tulip Grand Plaza.
I've known Lusil for 5 years now! Throwback last 2009, she was my first friend in high school. In PWC. We were classmates since 1st-3rd year! Yes, one of my closest friends but we had to separate ways in college. Though we still have communications. I was part of her 18 Candles and the speech was so impromptu. Haha! She's like a sister to me and my kalog friend! Really thankful to be part of her life and her teenage years! And I am so happy to be reunited with my high school friends as well! 
So here are some of the photos I and my friends took from her Debut last night.
(P.S. Some of the photos are blur, bear with it.)

Lusil Alcazaren Datoy
Talking about pink? Well have a peek on her beautiful entourage last night! The theme was in Pastels except for a shade of pink because SHE will be the only girl in Pink for the whole night. She's so beautiful and so elegant and so pink! 
"Farewell to dollies, Blankies and toys!
Welcome to driving, Parties and beaus!"
18 Roses
18 Candles
18 Treasures
Lusil with her loving parents
These are some of the people who completed my high school years! So happy to see them again after the graduation. Some of them were my classmates for years, some were not but all of them are my friends :-)
With the Debutante! 
With Ken, Sharizze and Christian
With Sha, Ken, Via and Dio.
With Karla and Phoebe.
Together with Kath and Phoebe. 
I have no idea what happened to my photos and who took it since my friends
are borrowing my camera. And tada! Blurs :( Ugh, in tears! 
'Twas another night to remember! 
With Nikki and Lusil
Photobombing with Kenneth was part of it! Hahaha! We've so much photos though.
Kenneth Recana
Kenneth Englis
Sha Balani
In pastel.
Faces with Lusil, Sha and Kenneth. Happy Birthday again Luda! <3
We love you so much.
Age is just a number, don't worry if you have to leave the childhood stage but be thankful that God has given you another life to live. Another struggles, problems, and success. Take a step and accept the challenge. In the end, it's you who will decide and pursue what decisions you will partake. Nevertheless, life is an Adventure. Enjoy it, live it, Love it. No matter how hard it is you think, think of the positive side. Always. Never forget that once you had failed, but because of it, you had an idea and thought to strive hard to reach your goals. Every year, we are celebrating our birth. Every year, we change age but as we grow old, never forget to thank God and everyone that has been part of your life. Always choose the right path for you and choose the right people/person to gain your trust. Once again, Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Lusil Datoy.

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