Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thirsty Thoughts

I've never love Tuesdays! It happens that I am so lazy to get up from the bed every morning and thinking of being in school for almost 11 hours. Yep, even though it's every Tuesdays and Fridays, I still hate Tuesdays. It's so far from the weekend! Today, since the sky is mad and heavy rains in the morning approached Davao, I wasn't able to make it to our first subject so I decided to get in (late, as always) to our second course. And since it's a College Week, selected students has to handle a section/s and lesson/s. We've been wanting so bad to like do nothing for this day but fortunately, it has been a great day, well I hope for everyone! Here are some photos we've been tagging all through out the gloomy day! Kudos, enjoy! :-)

A mad sky and breezy day for the whole morning and afternoon. It's been a weird weather though, unlike yesterday that it rains half of the day. And due to this, some classes were suspended, lucky them! 
Bear with me. While I was listening (sort of) to the student teacher, I was also busy doing something else. This explains everything! :-) Peace out. Ah! Maylene loves this though. Hehehe! 
We weren't dismissed as early as yesterday. Went to DGHV again to have lunch with my friends. We don't have a choice but to be here since food from the other cafeterias were sold out as quick as before lunch! Cray! X
Isn't it cute? 
While we're waiting for our orders, DGHV was in a new aura and took photos then.
Somehow, our afternoon class has been delayed. Photobombing as always! :-) It never gets out of what's normal day since I bought a camera and it seems like all my block mates really loves smiling to the camera! Thank you for that :-)
The Philwomenian: Equinox
I am part of this org and lucky to be one of the photographers for the school paper!
Their bulletin board is really quotable and meaningful! ;-)
Fine Arts Department
Photos below are some of the artworks displayed inside RSM. I was so amazed then! It's so artistic and they are all so talented. The materials used were so simple yet they made it so incredible, very catchy and wonderful. Very proud of their works! World class.
The displayed futuristic dresses were all made up of something that we can see in daily life and well, everywhere! It's so creative no wonder our school is one of the best schools catering the best of the best of Arts! Everything seems so beautiful and perfect. THE BEST!
We made a lot of extravaganzas in life. Everyday, everywhere, to anyone else and to our selves. Somehow, we are thirsty of something and wanting more good and different. Something that can make us "WOW" and satisfy us. Right? There's no such thing as simple because we are human, we move and we learn. Therefore, we are craving for a lot of things. In some way, life is about fulfilling what we want, we need, we love and we like. We find and make ways to be productive and to call it a day. Nevertheless, it's always has to be something. We aim high. Reach for the goal and perhaps, work more! Isn't it great to get what we want? You just really have to trust yourself and people you know who can really be trusted. 

Hi readers! I really hope that somehow I made your day by reading my blog post! 
Thank you so much. Have a wonderful week! 

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