Monday, February 11, 2013

Engagement Party

 A fact you don't know about me; I love India. Ever since I was in grade school, I fell in love with their country, culture, way of dressing and of course, their food. I love spices and India is known as the home of spices. This is really really an old event that happened last March 2012, in Grand Men Seng Hotel was Tajinder & Vanita's Engagement Party. Well, if you haven't notice ever, Shareen Balani (my super dooper sister-in-crime best friend) happens to be an Indian (well half-Indian). And since she knows that I have been a big fan of India, perhaps everything about India, she invited me to go with her to this event which I was really so excited and it's my first to ever to wear a Sari or Saree (it's their National Costume for girls). It's very very beautiful, detailed in every part and colorful! Their culture is amazing in different kinds of way. Yeah, I've been dreaming to go there, soon! मेरे फ़ोटो का आनंद लें (Enjoy my photos)

If you are familiar with their culture and how it works, that's good! 
The groom has to offer something, like money to his bride's family or relatives. 
It's a tradition. Its called Dori. It's sort of a long process though but it's fun but I have no idea what they're talking about since I don't speak Hindi fluently.
*(Before the party)
Vanita, the bride. Isn't she lovely? And look at her Sari! It's so beautiful! 
After having dinner. WHICH they served Indian food, I mean EVERYTHING since 99% of the people there is Indian. Haha it's very obvious though! I love the foods, specially the Samosa. Argh, I love the taste. I love the spiciness of everything served. 
They started the party! The songs are in Indian tune which is amazing. People are starting to dance and have fun. 
By the very looks of it, I HAD FUN. Nevertheless, it's one of the most memorable event happened in my entire life. The thing is, you have to make a circle, it's a group by group process and anyone can join! You have to dance to the beat and tune of the music and someone, or maybe the groom's relatives will throw money's in the air. I mean, REAL moneys! It maybe a 20 bill to a thousand! It depends on them. It's called Bhangra and the dance is called Bhangra Dance.
Meet my new friend, Miguel. He's a half-Indian and very handsome kid! 
Another friend, Tania. (I really am a friendly person, don't you think? Hahaha!)
During the night, while  everyone's enjoying the party. Ate Neesha, Sha and I sneak out to the pool area and some parts of the hotel and of course, it's never complete without a photo shoot showcasing our beautiful Saree's! 
If you're wondering what's on her hand. It's a Mehndi. It's actually henna, a temporary tattoo and comes in different designs. It can also be put on the feet.
Lower left corner photo, that Neesha and I holding a Samosa. It's a delicious Indian food. It's like a bread with vegetables inside mostly green beans and mashed potatoes.
Random photos with the kiddo Miguel! 
The kids I spotted wearing Sari's! I know, you wanna wear one too! 
It's never a complete night without faces with Shaa! (As always) 
Big thanks to her for bringing and letting me experience their culture's tradition.
It's so sad to leave but it's a heartwarming feeling that even though I am and was not born and raise on an Indian blood, they welcomed and accommodate me like I am Indian too. They are so humble and very kind. They always smile and that's one reason I love about them. They always smile! These are just the photos of my hundred shots about the event. Somehow, it's an interesting story for my blog, right? Just wanna share it to you since it's one of the most amazing and memorable experience ever happened to me and I am so looking forward for more! A night to remember and I did cherished wearing the Sari! Haha!
I say, whatever culture and traditions your country has practiced and still practicing, learn to love it because somehow there are millions of people that wants to experience or learn about it. Like me, I am a Filipino but I am so ready to learn, if possible every country in this World. Well there's nothing wrong with it as long as you know what you're doing and the most important virtue is RESPECT. It explains everything. 
So I hope you had fun with my preachy blog tonight as much as I do.
It's been a week since I updated my blog. I was so busy last week cause it was our Prelims and thank God, it's done! So stay tuned for more. Kisses


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