Thursday, February 21, 2013

Take a Beat

Music is like everything! Today has been a great day somehow but still a lazy day. We were at the school and it's the second day of College Week. By 10am, World Tourism class has to be in one for 2 hours and do the reporting and wooh thank God it's done! After which, and by lunch, we stayed for at least the whole afternoon in Do Good Have Fun and waited for the time. Fun times with friends, sang a lot of songs, listen to music, and played instruments. Yup! Love it. It's a way of killing the boredom and so. For me, it was a fun and productive day! Enjoy the photos. Kisses! 

We are really thankful to the mini studio and the huge mirror and the good ambiance of the place! 
You gotta love shades! I actually bought a new one but not the one I'm wearing on the photo. (I posted it on my Twitter: @eishellecellona)
While some of my friends are so busy photobombing, I am as well busy playing Temple Run 2! Gotta love 3Ds! :-)
Photobombing always come in style. Just have a good camera, awesome friends and captivating smile. Then you're good! 
Since it was too early to go home, Len and I decided to visit a friend. Well, a baby friend. Her name is Tanisha, she's 2 years old, full-blooded Indian and really has the cutest smile in the whole world! She's 2 but she's good in Hindi and we're not. Hahaha!
The "pogi" pose 
The "noynoy" pose! 
Len trying to teach Tanisha a "LookBook" pose! Hahaha! Beautiful!
And there's me. Ended with the "forever alone" pose since Tanisha is busy being a photographer. Well, Len and Tanisha are both my Photographers. Believe it or not, Tanisha knows how to use gadgets. Kids these days! 
So when Len told her "Kiss Ate" then there she goes. Awe, the cheeks! I couldn't resist the cuteness. Lucky to have a 2-year old friend, right Len? :-)
I know! Envy her eyelashes and the nose! 
Tanisha is really, I mean very, I mean super very importunate! Well obviously she's a 2 year old kid and that's what they do. I love kids that are importunate and I mean in a good way. And as cute as this kiddo, who doesn't want to get along?! :-)
So the highlight of this day was our visit in Tanisha's. Really enjoyed it and I know and I can see it that Tanisha had fun since she's an only child and doesn't have a playmate inside their house. Well, except her mom. We're glad that her mom is really accommodating and we feel that we're welcome. I adore this kid so much. It was last year that I first saw her and really didn't seen her for a long time and when January of this year that for the second time around, we were able to meet her since they have a store just right in front of our school. You know, our day is complete or should I say, always complete whenever we see her. She's really jolly and cute! 

I guess this has been my Thursday mayhem, I hope you had fun on your day too! If not, it's never too late there's still tomorrow! Kisses to you! 

POSTED: 7 Day Challenge: Day Four


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