Sunday, February 24, 2013

Waiting in Vain

It been a week now since Davao is having a cold weather and it's been raining for days and nights. Last Friday, which was the end of our College Week, I went to school by the afternoon since I woke up really really late that I forgot I still have make-up classes but luckily, I'm done with the report and since prof is only prioritizing those who haven't yet reported. So, this is why I have selected photo to blog and some of it are from a friend's camera. By afternoon, RSM was full-packed with students and outsiders who witnessed the Variety Show for a cause and everyone enjoyed it, I guess :-) It was an hour of performance then and after which, we can go out of school. Since we're starving, we decided to go to McDo and stuck there for like hours and so! 

What else can we do but wait and photobomb! 
Bon jour to mois friends, Sha and Nessah! :-) 
To sum it up, it was a tiring week to everyone of us since we are left with bunch of homework and we have study for the upcoming quizzes for next week! Thank God for the no class on Monday. But we have to be home to review, I know. Being a good college student. What else can we do? So, I guess this has been my week. Enjoyed it and it's one of the most memorable for the third trimester. Awe, I wish I could update my blog every single day. Well, if I am not that lazy to bring my camera! ;-) Kisses to everyone! Enjoy your weekend! 

POSTED: Challenge completed. FIN.

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