Friday, December 7, 2012

Busy Winsy

Terribly occupied and having a hectic schedule from the past few weeks
and days, I don't normally do sort of things like these but I think I
have to get used of it. We are so crazy busy in school, have to submit 
projects, do projects, and catch up with the deadliest lines ever! 
As of today, I am making my script for our Tour Guiding this coming
Wednesday, 12th of December. Unfortunately, some sites are not found
on the internet and I am so worried about it. I really have to find and know
the history (and a bit of trivia) on each site I'm assigned to. 
My group belonged to Gaisano Mall - SM Lanang Premier Route which is sort of
difficult to discover because going to that direction is quite minimal.
Basically, before we en route to our final destination, obviously
we are gonna pass a lot of buildings and unfamiliar stores along the road 
and since their are 6 of us in the group, we were assigned to a particular area.

{4/5 Pictures below are not mine since I don't have time to roam around
the City. Credits to the owners.}  

I am definitely nervous since it's has only 5 days left before our actual
tour guiding activity and I really hope we will pass this. I know we will
since we really worked hard for this. Too much effort was given to this.
Tonight, I am still working on my part and I am so desperate to finish this
but it seems like I really need help from the experts. I am planning
to go to a Tour Agency or talk to a Tour Guide for help! 
Well, wish me luck for that. I know we can do this :) Right? Right! 

Thank you Readers for hopping in again on my blog!

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