Friday, December 21, 2012

Wet & Wild

Today, Travel Society held its Christmas Party. We definitely enjoyed it wagas!
Everyone was so excited to start the program, well, of course knowing that 
after the 3-day Final exams has finally ended! (Survived 2nd Tri!) 
Today is perhaps one of the happiest days of our lives! 
The water gun fight + water bottle fight + the-buhusan-mo-ng-coke fight
was definitely the bomb! And the fact that we really had so much fun
and the best part was, meeting new friends from the higher levels. 
AND! Before I forget, there was food overload during the party! Woot woot
Before you get bored with (again) the preaches I have, by the looks of it
the photos I've taken will surely make your day! Enjoy! :)
Second Year Ate's and Kuya all getting ready to start
the Water gun fight. It was really exciting! 
Kuya Shaq & Ate Lai ready to shoot!! ;)
Beautiful lad right here :)
The first game to play was the Sack Race
Just have to be extra careful since the floor's 
too slippery x 
F1 <3 I think there were 8 of us from Regular class 
who attended and had fun from the party! 
I pity for those student's who wasn't able to come. They 
missed the whole happenings! 
Then there's Camille, can't get enough with her Water gun! ;)
Another game! I forgot the name but this one is so cool! 
I mean, the group has to make a straight long line and
the group who makes it to the finish point within the time
AND have the longest line will win and that and that.
Well, let's move on...
This game was last to play. Each section has to have
2 pairs and obviously, catch the egg. They're really good! 
You see. Even on a cracked egg, it's still a perf. Haha
To sum it up, congratulations to all the winners from the
games (including the "Bring Me") and some group games.
Our section got a lot of stuff though :)

Before ending up the whole event, we had time to wet ourselves
and others too! Time for Water Gun fight! Pretty much everyone
was so ready and make sure their guns are full and so was mine. 
And then there comes the bottles. Big bottles. And cokes.
Wet and Happy! 
Faces with Sha
Sorry for the Blur photo. Ate Hazel was not very familiar
using my camera :( 
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
Yup, that's us. Smiles on our faces. Everyone really did
enjoyed the whole thing though some of the student's didn't
attend. Also, everybody went home WET and HAPPY! :)
 Nevertheless, it's a privilege to spend the afternoon
with these people. 
Really want to congratulate the people behind this event.
It's very very successful, at the same time you all made 
our day better after the stressful exams from the past 
few days. Thank you and God Bless.

Hi there reader! I finally had a chance to update my blog after the 3 long day and since our Finals has finally get through. Holiday vacation, I welcome you! Well, actually I still have my one last exam this Saturday but considering that today's Friday, then so be it. Can't wait for my Christmas Giveaway next week so stay tuned and keep reading my blog posts. Thank you! 


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