Sunday, December 2, 2012


Compiling some of my photos in one. Shots were not taken at the
same days or time but has the same story. I just love working
on something not common like these. I love seeing photographs
that are Candid. Taking photos with the people I don't know. 
(Well, except for Irish - the guy on the first photo)
Nevertheless, I just love how it goes. Every picture has a story. 
Every capture has a meaning. I love how color's contrast and 
hues collide. Though I also love Black and White but still
it's never dull. Usually, I take on the colorful side which
has complimenting colors. It's so much easy to experiment in such.
Perhaps you really have to learn quite of the techniques whenever needed.

So this is up now. Here are some of the photos I've been working on
today since I have nothing else to do.

Hello there Reader! Did you liked it? (Well, I certainly hope so you did!)
I'm really looking forward to work on something more like this soon
whenever I have a lot of spare time in the world since I am very very 
busy in school. Let me know on what you think on my shots above.
You can always send me Mails or post comments below.
Thank you for reading today's Blog-out! 
Enjoy your day xx

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