Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hulagway sa Pasko Fiesta

In the celebration of Hulagway sa Pasko Fiesta sa Dabaw 2012 
City Government Office come up with an idea to purchase and showcase
the best of winning piece on how Davao City celebrates it's wide and colorful
Christmas. This yuletide season, calling all Photographers, Pro's or Hobbyist
to join this said event. When I saw this ad on Twitter posted by the 
City Government, I was excited to this again since the last time we joined
a contest was the "Hulagway sa Kadalanan 2012" and that was in the celebration
of Davao City's Kadayawan Festival. 
For those people who are interested in joining this competition,
you may visit Davao City Government Office site. Make sure
to read the full mechanics and after, you can go personally to the 
City Information Office to get your Entry Form OR you may print it
and make sure that before December 27, 2012 you can submit it there.
Nevertheless, see the full mechanics here.

Davaoeneos! Showcase your best photographs and win as much as
15KPHP. Enjoy and have a good time! :)

Hello there reader! I am so sorry I haven't updated my blog
for 8 days now. I am so crazy busy since Finals has started.
I have to submit a lot of paper works, videos and other stuff
on its deadliest lines! And to think that we got 2 days left before our Final Examinations. Cramming is on its way! 
I can't wait to end this and enjoy the rest of this yuletide season. Indeed! Wish me luck on our finals. 
Seriously, being a College student needs a lot of work,
efforts, stress-days and patience. 
Thanks for reading this! Can't wait to update more.
I'll promise to get back to you on what you and I missed. 

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