Saturday, December 8, 2012


 Today has been one of the best days ever happened in my life! Like 
seriously. I made a lot of new experiences and was so happy and contented
for what my friends and I did! To tell you, I made a lot of "first times".
I know! I was born and raise in Davao but today is way much different! 
Went to Uyanguren to find things which I was so shocked but happy with
the prices, the place is like heaven for the wiser spender out there like me!
I don't usually go to crowded places like those since it's Christmas season now,
there a lot of people who go there and buy presents for their loved ones
which is really great and I must say, all the prices there are so reasonable that
you can even bargain it but depends with the store's policies and such.
This day wasn't even planned so as they say, unplanned stuffs are so much
better than planned ones. It's really true! Nevertheless, I am glad that 
I was able to spend my Saturday with my High school close friends
Lady Aldevera and Mimi Doysabas

So to start up with; I have this "Magsawa-kayo-sa-mukha-ko" photos.
Hahaha! I go vain when I can't stand the boredom anymore since I 
waited for two hours for them to reach downtown area because 
unfortunately, they live on the other side of the world. (JK!!)
And it was a heat up afternoon! 

So that's me, Ate Mimi and Lady inside a Korean Clothing Store 
just along the streets of Uyanguren. I forgot the name since we rush
through it because these two ladies beside me are like a 
K-Pop-ers-ish :) Trust me, I think they know every Korean
hotties, bands and whatsoever.
Ate Mimi trying out a Palazzo pants which is really cool and cheap too! 
I was like: "I wanna buy this." but after which, decided not too since I
 don't usually go out wearing something like this.
Isn't it very obvious that I really like the store's huge mirror! Hahaha! 
It's really not allowed to take photos inside (since it's every store's rule)
you just have to be sneaky, like me! 
Was able to shot a bit of inside but don't wanna be caught so decided 
to put it inside my bag! X
I love Neon accessories. It's so in right now and I like seeing it.
I am planning to give this away here on my blog. But I still have to
think twice. I know! They are all lovely.
Today, I bought 3 tops from the store I am telling you earlier.
Would you believe if I say that all these 3 are less than PHP800?! 
It's a crazy price for 3 tops. I was like "OH MY GOSH!"
It's so cheap compared to others. It has good quality too and very
trendy! And to think, my day wouldn't be complete if I won't buy
a "something", right? Right! 
This place is like one of the largest shopping retails in Davao. 
It consists of everything! Most of the people say, it's their
shopping capital. Well, it is! You just have to choose the things
you will buy wisely and check it always. Also, since it's now
a Christmas and gift-giving season, and if you're planning to go here
ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: Never bring too much of stuff because
it's way to crowded and you don't wanna be banging people around. Well,
Take care of your belongings too. We don't know, right
And the most important thing, be wise always for a lot of reasons!

After spending our afternoon in China Town, I really insist to go to 
Magsaysay Park. Before entering the park, beside it you can see
a line of Fruit vendors who sells different fruits, specially Durian.
I don't actually eat Durian since I am not a fan of the taste so as the smell.
But there are a lot of people who likes it. If you are really craving
in such, go to this place right here. It's popular for its thousands
of stocks and I think they offer a reasonable price too! 
While we were walking, saw this lady alone with her cards and I said
that if I can take a picture of her and she nods and smiled :) I really 
wonder what she was doing with the cards. Haha!
Captured this "Son and Father" bonding and they look so sweet. Awe! 
Precisely I wasn't able to take a photo of the Sunset. I mean,
it's really the whole point of going to the park since I always 
tweet to take a photo of the sunset. It's actually a sunny day
but I have no idea why it wasn't actually I was expecting.
I am expecting more like of this. Well anyway, there's always
another day.
Hungry? Well there are a lot of sellers who roam around the park.
This girl is really sweet. She sang a Christmas song in front of us to get
a tip (and gave her though).
Now we're talkin'! This kiddo right here is so much more of a model-ish.
Haha! I am such a sneaky photographer that he didn't even notice I am 
taking a picture of him. HE IS SO... CUTE!
We actually think it's an Eiffel Tower! Hahaha! But it's obviously so not!
Here lies the statue of Ramon Magsaysay.
It's getting dark that I am having a hard time taking a photo clearly.
I forgot to bring my flash and my long lens too! 
As you can see, I really like playing with the photos. Sometimes, I can't 
control my camera for having a low-light and ISOs so this cause blurs 
or shakey photos. But at the same time, for me it creates art and I love 
seeing it. Usually, I have to edit saturation and vibrancy of a subject.
Here's a group of bikers who called my attention since they want
me to take a photo of them! I don't actually know these guys but they
seems cool. I was trying to take a photo of one of them having an
exhibition in front of us but unfortunately, the low light is so not
a helpful one. Maybe next time if there will be one! :)
Here are the two kids trying to sing a Christmas song, again. It's very 
common to see a bunch of kids roaming around the park and asks for 
money. Sometimes, I gave them one or sometimes not, it really depends
on a situation. Captivated by the big smile of the kid from right! :-)
Lots of lots of lots of lots of Durian along the street! It's crazy! 
By night, we went to Roxas to eat dinner and try their famous food named
Kinilaw/Kilaw. Ours was grilled one, it's very yummy unlike any other I've tried.
Talking about vanity! That's us :) We have hundreds of photos still. I think it's
on Instagram or posted on Twitter

I am very thankful to spend a day with them since we are so busy unlike before that we may hangout anytime of any day. I am glad that what we are before are still the people I know today. I can't count the laughter we made and experiences we had! They are the bomb. Old friends are really a great one, it's like a vintage camera that you have to take care because it's the original and you can keep it simple. With them, I don't have to deal with words because we agrees on the same idea and don't have to fight on what's wrong or wrong! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today, this day has been a lot. I wanna do it again soon with you and our friends too! Bookmark it guys! :)

Hey readers! I hope you enjoyed today's blog out :) I am really putting
into so much effort just to satisfy you. Before ending this up,
if you want to know our everyday-do's, you can 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 
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