Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deal with the Weather

I think most of the people residing in Mindanao are all worried about the 
Typhoon Pablo. Today is not any other normal day, Mindanao is hit
by a typhoon and we're so not used to it. Heavy rains and winds
approaching the trees which I can really hear. Schools all over Mindanao
(I think) declared earlier this morning that all year levels from Pre-school,
High school and College are suspended due to the typhoon. 
Since I am from Davao City, first and foremost it's also hit by
the typhoon which is really alarming. This afternoon, winds are
still on the hit and some rainfall, well I hope everybody is safe and warm.
Nevertheless, I am at home and trying to blog this about since I am
way way too concern about today.
As of today via PAGASA - DOST 
{At 4:00 a.m. today, the eye of Typhoon "PABLO" was located based on satellite and surface data at 40 km East of the Davao Oriental coast (07.6 °N, 126.9 °E) with maximum sustained winds of 175 kph and gustiness of up to 210 kph. It is forecast to move West at 26 kph.}

Photos above are my shots earlier this morning. I have no idea what kinds of 
clouds are those, well who cares! It's scary and dark and until now there's no 
change of signals. Well so much of the weather.

I can't go out today since there's a crazy 
typhoon outside approaching Davao (well I hope not too long)
I did a little me-me time for my nails and colored it African Violet
I have nothing else to do but photobomb. It's always like this during 
whatsoever days that you can't think of any since you can't go out of the house 
and I don't wanna get wet since it's too cold! Hahaha don't mind me, I'm preaching.
I get craze out of my self and pose ;) I wish my friends were here and 
I am sure we do more a lot even if it's raining outside! 

I told you, it's so not a normal day. Hahaha! Geez, don't mind nalang my
crazy photos of me above. Like seriously, wanna go to the mall and do
something but unfortunately, can't. It's so much of a bad timing or maybe
I just need to relax for a day since we had a walkathon yesterday with
my classmates for a very desperate reason! Okay, let me share to you
what happened to us yesterday. So there were 5 of us, we started at 
Gaisano Mall (if you're familiar), and walk going to Victoria Plaza,
Abreeza Mall, had a stop over at Aeon Towers to tour around
and we kept on walking until we reached our destination 
SM Lanang Premier.We had to do it for our Tour Guiding this coming 
Dec 12. Well, I can't wait to finish it. I hope we all pass the subject 
since we really worked hard for it just to jot down everything from our 
designated areas! So that just happened to us. Perhaps our first times 
and probably the last time! :) 

Thanks for reading! 'Til the next Blog out! :)

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