Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Color Combined

I'm really getting used of late uploads, so sorry 'bout that! 
Since my friends are waiting for the photos from our last 
Christmas party. I mean this was taken before the party though.
I won't be taking this talking too long! 
Let the photos do its own. Enjoy! :)
Photos won't be complete without our photos taken together! :)
Like I said, I over exaggerate things. But that day was a bit dark with a shade of the sun but 'twas not too long.
I seriously envy them since they know how to ride a bike
well me, so not gonna try. I hate balancing first and foremost
I don't want to have scratches on my legs or something.
Before the wet and wild party, this was me. Haha! 
Still dried up and smiling pretty wearing my fave band
tees "Nirvana" I got from Forever 21 in their last stock!! :)
I know right?! I am all in black well except for my shoes and
bangles which are Neons! I just love how I express my style
depending on the weather. Well, it's dark but it has a shade
of color pop-outs! 
Elinah Joyce: All dressed up for the wedding occasion 
she's attending on the same day. Isn't she a beau? 
Appréciez nos belles photos !

My Christmas Blog giveaway will be cancelled due to some reasons and circumstances(Sad face). I might give it next year and I will assure you that you will like it. The Yuletide season is ending so I will think of another giveaway maybe for the upcoming Summer! So be excited 'coz next year, there will be lots of blog giveaways! Yaaay! I wish I could join. Hahaha!
Let me take this time to thank each and everyone of you! Last night, I just reached my 2000 Pageviews (clap clap!!) and by the looks of it, you really are interested on my posts. I will assure you that there will be more happy, exciting and interesting post soon! We'll never know, right? Thank you so much for your time to read my posts though sometimes I don't have enough time to update it due to my busy schedule. Please don't hesitate to send me more mails and of course, you can always put comments about that post!
Thank you so much readers! I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus. I wish I could meet you! Enjoy the rest of the holiday. See you! P.S. Follow me on Keek: eishellecellona 

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