Monday, December 17, 2012

Yarn Box

 I am really a Dream Catcher lover ever since the world began! Haha! Kidding.
Well of course, I am huge fan. I don't know why, but it's just. If you were already reading my blog from the previous months, you would know! I posted out numerous of stuff like this and personally, I am also a collector. I choose some of them very carefully
because I don't wanna spend my money too much and go to waste if I don't! Right?
Today, I got my new Dream Catcher! I'm posting two since I want to promote
the one who's making/behind this. It's quite expensive but since my hands are really wanting it, so why not? It's also their business so as much as I want to help, I would.
This time, it's different. It's made out of YARNS! I really loved it since it's very
light and the designs too are catchy. Though it's a bit simple but hence, unique unlike my other dream catchers hanged on the wall of my room which are my faves! Okay, so enough with the preaching. I will let the photos do its thing.
This is my new one which I was talking and tweeting about
earlier. (Well if you're following me, though)
It's bigger but light. I fell in love with the details on it.
And the fact that I love Peacock's design, so I was awe-ing
to buy it! Though I have several peacocks feather stuff,
but those are necklaces or earrings that has given to me.
And this is the second one I bought. This was during 
last Intramural. I bought this cheap since it's quite
the normal size and not too detailed.
New collections right there.
I am more hoping to get more. Like new and different designs.
What I mean about different is that, something that's very unusual in the stores. Something more about edgy look and more on feathered details. I just love the way it goes! 
Hello there! If you're reading my blog, you can always 
send me gifts like this. Nyahaha! :)

Alright! This is what I am telling you about. They don't a store YET but let's hope.
The maker/s of this is from HRM Department of
Philippine Women's College of Davao.
Like their pages as you can see on the photo or simply
click the link below:
You may contact them there on the site.
"Let those dream be catched and help you sleep tight, 
in a silent moonlight."

Hello there, reader! I think I might update my blog
again after our FINALS. Just have to finish everything
on this Trimester. I really can't wait for the Christmas 
break! Just want to start the exams on the 19th and finish it on the 22nd of December. YES! You heard that right. We have our one last final exam on Saturday. 
Wish me luck for it! Include me in your prayers ;)
Happy Simbang Gabi and Take care! 

P.S: I will have my Christmas Blog giveaway next week so stay tuned! 


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