Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Silhouettes & Sunset

SM Mall Of Asia is a tourist destination that has raised the standard of shopping, leisure and entertainment in the Philippines. This mall is acutally the second largest mall in the Philippines after SM North Edsa and perhaps the third largest mall around Asia. And wow! I am precisely being a Tour Guide on my blog. Everyday, there are thousands of people visiting this mall. It has actually numbers of stores inside the mall, restaurants and stuffs like that. I think this is the most visited mall around Philippines. It's so busy and people are so much in a hurry. Last Saturday (5th of January) we decided to watch the Sunset along the Seaside Blvd which is just across the mall. And by night, we watched the 5 minute fireworks display. Well, it's always on Saturdays though. So I was really hoping to capture the best of it and by the looks of it, it's quite impressive, don't you think? :) I love playing with the photos, really. Especially on Candid one. I've already featured about Candid, right? This time, it's about Silhouettes and well, the main subject; the magnificent Sunset
I love how people are really amazed by the sunset. Well so
was I. I don't know how to explain it but from my entire
life and been capturing about this, this is quite different.
The sun looks so sweet and beautiful. It's wonderful!

I think I am quite impressed about this shot. I didn't realized
that my small lens can initiate shots like this.
The photo says it all. It's pretty much a good subject though.
This man is trying to capture the beautiful sunset. 
There were teens (like me) who really are enjoying the 
view. Happy to say that the 3 of them are seizing the
day through their Canon DSLRs. Isn't it lovely?
It's time to say goodbye to the sun. It's really wonderful.
I think if you really want to capture something like this
(or better) try to visit Seaside Blvd. It's truly and art.
When the clock strikes at exactly 7PM, MOA is having a fireworks
display. That time was windy so I think the fireworks were
dancing and going to different direction.

It was another great experience because I never thought that I
am going to get what I want for that day. For succeeding the subject I thought of. After which, we had a little shopping 
with my cousins and before leaving Manila, we bonded for a 
couple of hours. I can't wait to go back and maybe explore
another things. There are a lot of good subjects, you just have
to be more creative and imaginative. 
Go out, get your camera and enjoy the artistic side of the world. 


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