Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Time

Back-to-normal Saturdays is on! I am so happy knowing that after 3 months, this term is
out with Saturday classes and finally I have more time to spend going out doing some errands.
Instead of being in Cebu for Sinulog, unfortunately I was not able to book a flight earlier than
January of 2013th. I am so jelly seeing the photos since yesterday. People are posting their
first days of 3 days for Sinulog. And I am thinking..."Oh, I wish I'm there too." Well, Sinulog will 
always be there no matter. I still have next year to attend though! 
My day was well spent with my friends, Mimi and Kathleen. Buddies always! No, we are not going
in the same school but we always have time to go out whenever we have spare time. Like today,
went to Premier to have dinner there and stuff like that. I never ever had a boring day with them!
I mean, they made me crazy all the time! Hahaha and I am always having fun in million ways.
They never fail to make me smile, comfort me to whatever and even in the most nonsense things.
Love these two so much! They are like my sisters in different mother. 

*Photos by Mimi Doysabas/iPod Touch*

Finally had a chance to update you with something about my day today. One word: Awesome.
My days are never boring with the two people who are very important to me! One of my friends
I can truly called a Treasure I must keep. I hope you also enjoyed your day! I love you readers! 


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