Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mood for Blue

The hardest part for me is saying ciao to my friends and loved ones so as leaving a place I love visiting the most! I was away for a while to spend my holiday season with my
relatives back in Manila. But sad to say, I really have to go back to Davao and work on my clearance and enroll myself for the third trimester (which I already finished earlier this day). I just love spending my days, roaming around the city with friends which has so much big difference back here. To think that I had the worst comeback here in Davao! Did I ever tell you I had my worst fever/colds/cough eveeerrr?! Well unfortunately, I did and I was sick as hell and it lasted for 2 and a half days! But Thank God, it's almost gone now. 
So, so, so! Here's up. While waiting for my departure, had a chance to sort of "shoot" in the Airport and thanks to my cousin for this though some were blur but still, I like it!
Some photos were not taken in the airport, I just wanna add it up here since I'm wearing a shade of blue too, right? Right!

By the way, thanks to the people who already liked this photo! :)
@ Antipolo with my cousins Jai and Jass
Together with my Lola Rufina
So before leaving Antipolo, I grabbed a chance to had a photo together with my 
Grandmother, Grandfather and my cousins!! :)
That's Shaira and I. Promise to see you soon after the third trimester! Ciao cousin :*

Another late post update! Photos here are 3 days ago and I truly apologize for that! ;) By the way, my Blog giveaway is very much ready to post this coming 11th of January 2013! Stay tuned for it and I hope you will join my giveaway!


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