Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Photo Blog

It's a very heartwarming feeling knowing that there are people who appreciates your work
in all kinds of way. I operate numbers of sites, though. Sometimes, it's very tiring to update
it everyday and to think I am somehow a very busy person. I would like to thank the people
who Re-Post and Like the photos on my photo blog called JUX. Yes, indeed. I can see the
people who does it on my blog. So as receiving mails with compliments. Thank you! 

So, let me introduce you to the world of Photo Blog. I started using this site last October of 2012.
I'm a bit new about on how to use and post it. I also posted many photos in there. So far so good
because it's really a perfect site for those who wants their photos to be published in many ways.
It's a perfect fit for the Photographers like me. Even just the folks who loves photography,
I mean of course, anyone can make their own account! It's very easy, just go to their site:
www.jux.com and make sure to sign up your email, after which the confirmation has been
received, you are ready to go! 
JUX really helped me to build up a lot of inspirations since I was on it. It's very
functional yet fun. As if you're enjoying your daily life as well!  For me, it completes on what you've
achieved on a day. Meaningful photos, your creativity and sense of capturing and seizing the day.
Thanks to my beautiful Canon DSLR for helping me out achieve what I really wanted to.

Do you want to see and visit my photo blog? It's very easy, you don't have to make an account
to see the whole thing. Just click the link: Stuck in Photographs and you're good to go!
To see my photos bigger, kindly click the picture.

I really appreciate all the compliments! Thank you again for that. Keep on re-posting, liking
and viewing my photos. They are all for free. And if you want to copy it, don't forget to ask 
my permission. I always love people who knows how to be appropriate. Hence, I HATE STEALING
so please don't steal my works! Thank you :) Enjoy the rest of it! 'Til the next blog out. Ciao!


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