Thursday, January 31, 2013

Liwanag World Festival

Liwanag World Festival, a 5-day celebration on creativity and sustainability. People around the Globe come to Davao and maybe most of them already had experienced the festivity. It's held in our school, Philippine Women's College of Davao (RSM Events Center). The celebration started last Tuesday, 29th of January which really had a great impact to those people who went. There are talks, sessions, art exhibits, workshops and step by step on how to save mother earth courtesy of the most influential people in this world. Maria Ressa was also there! It's amazing and of course, proud because our school has been a big part of this event. This year's biggest event ever made in Davao City, I say!
Since I wasn't able to attend the opening of the festival, today's the third day of the event. Gina Lopez, ABS-CBNs Marketing Director was there. She has a talk about the mining in the Philippines and it was so sad to know that the country's natural beauty of resources are slowly put into a hazard. By then, we were so amazed by her talk. She's amazing! There are also numbers of talks from influential people in this country but we have to go back to our classroom to resume a 30-minute class. 
The Davao City National High School Chorale Group
On the right side is Seth Jordan. (Via Skype)
He wasn't able to make it to the festival because something happened to
his passport so he's up via Skype. Also had a talk about Wall Street.
Then there's Immanuel, a Finnish troublemaker. He was amazing! At first, we thought
that he's into something (which really he was into) throwing us ropes made off "abaca"
and we called it "Ichi" since he keeps on saying "Ichi" on his every after sentence or word.
TADA!! About 10 or more like this has been thrown to the people inside the RSM Events Center! You have to catch it and hold on to the rope and throw it again. Whoever will grab it, same thing to do. It's like, people should be attached to everything. 
Then here's Ms Gina Lopez for her campaign/talk. I had a photo with her after and I will post it tomorrow! :-)
The slides are just half of her campaigns to "No Mining in the Philippines"
We pledged on it and had out signatures for the campaign. She needs 10 million
signatures to complete it and right at this moment, I think she has 7million++ 
Live performance from a Tribe.
After the plenary session, we have to go back for our Rizal class and tada!!
Len and I goofing around ;-) Forgive me! Hahaha
For the second time today, we had to go back to RSM to continue the talk! 
Meet my forever-sister-in-crime, Shaa Balani (wearing red)
Love of the year! Hahaha
Before leaving, it's free to share something or write something about the talks.
There's the Freedom Wall to right anything you like! And so as the pledge.

Liwanag World Festival is like a step towards the capacity of the World is giving or can sustain. There are a lot of What Ifs, Why's and What's that we are asking. This festival is to show every people that we have to be responsible to sustain the what our world can give. It's really important that as early as possible, we can solve the problems about everything. There's no impossible if we will be helping each other! 
To know more about Liwanag World Festival, visit their website!
or follow them on Twitter

This festival will be until Saturday, 2nd of February. Feel free to visit Philippine Women's College of Davao, Juna Subdivision, Matina Davao City. 
You may inquire inside and listen to talks and sessions and join workshops as well!
They also have exhibits at the Gym and so much more! 

I will post more photos tomorrow until Saturday! Stay tuned for more.


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