Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another First ☮

It's gonna be another step for us because after today,
Third Trimester will start tomorrow! Another 3-month
sesh with same people, same college, same profession and 
different professors. Thank God for no Saturday classes but
oh, everyday has to end not earlier than 5PM! Thinking
of it makes me feel very occupied everyday! Another hectic
schedules, sleepless nights to finish what's on the 
deadliest lines, so on and so forth. I guess I just really
have to prepare on what's going to be life has to take in.
I welcome again my self to another hassle bustle life
of a college student. 

All of those are what I need. Don't you think?
It happens that we have 27 Units for this Trimester
so I guess I will be so busy even if I don't want to.
I hope I still have time to update what has to be updated!
Bless me for last trimester!

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